Get Your Family Started With Geocaching!

“Geocaching is when you find secret treasures hidden under logs or under benches by looking on the map and seeing if it’s 100m or 2m or 14m away.”  – definition by S, age 7.

Geocaching is the use of a GPS to locate a hidden treasure by moving to the designated coordinates.

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My husband and I like solving puzzles and riddles and have passed on that interest to our kids. We like giving them tasks to accomplish and they LOVE earning the rewards that they can earn.
We like to set up challenges around town and enjoy exploring the outdoors and seeing what we can find. Naturally, geocaching was something that we had heard about and in which we had interest. Without a GPS unit, we hadn’t had the opportunity to take our kids (9, 7, 5 and 1) to explore and try our hand at locating the hidden treasures. When eavesdropping on a coffee shop conversation one day, I was bold enough to ask a little more and was told that there is an app that can be used to help non-GPS holders to geocache. There is a free version and a full version that costs $10. I got the free version and had it loaded onto my phone right away. Then, it sat there. And sat there and sat there and sat there. We didn’t ever get the chance to go out.

Last month, on a warm and sunny day, my kids and I opened the app and selected “find nearby geocaches” There were five within a short walk from my house, in the local park. We recruited some company and set off to see what we could find.


My eldest son held the phone and watched as the line to the cache got shorter and shorter as we walked forward. He read off the distance and the crew got more and more excited. 5m, 4m, 3m, 2m, 1m! We looked high and low. We read all the descriptions and hints. We searched and searched in the brush. NO luck. Geocaching is lame!

We didn’t want to leave the excursion a total failure so we decided to try our hand at the next

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Tranquille Agra Farms

Last Wednesday we took an escape after school!

2014-10-01 16.35.35

We drove out to Tranquille Agra Farm and explored the corn maze. 

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RGB Image Masters

When guests enter my home the first thing they notice is the large number of shoes that haven’t been properly put away. Then, maybe they are greeted by the family dog; our fearless protector, but once they really enter my home they notice this:
2014-05-24 11.48.13
A large canvas created by RGB Image Masters in Kamloops. I have

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TxD Family Date

Together By Design is a local date-planning company.

Sealed envelopes and adventure lie ahead when you book your special occasion with TxD.  Birthday? Anniversary?  Anytime?  Anywhere!

Elizabeth and Justin love working with people and planning unique and special occasions for couples, families, friends and parties.

For Valentines Day, they are sharing the love.  As parents of young children they know how valuable time as a couple is, and they cherish crazy times with their kids!

2014-02-08 16.18.09(can you see LOVE in the photo above?)

The #txdfreedate is going to be released later in the week, but the

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Butternut Squash Gems

I got a dehydrator, this year, and have been furiously searching for fun recipes.  I found this one and wanted to share it because my 4 year-old approves.  In fact, he says, “These are freakin’ good!”  I blushed at his language because he learned that from me.  Whoops!

But, here it is!

2 cups almond meal (I found this at Bulk Barn)

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