Gardening in the Loops

Let me start by saying that I am by no means an expert in gardening. I repeat: NOT AN EXPERT.

Now that we have that out of the way I will tell you why I have a garden (albeit a small garden).

I grew up on garden fresh veggies and fruits grown in the yard of my parents Westsyde home. I didn’t realize how spectacular fresh homegrown produce was until I grew up and started buying from the big grocers. I discovered that a tomato can be a splendid flavourful juicy joy or (to my dismay) a bland grainy thing that I should eat because it is good for me.

Most anything you grow at home tastes so much better. That is my reason: flavour, plain and simple. But homegrown veggies also have better nutritional value (due to their freshness), have way less negative impact on the environment (when was the last time you drove to your garden? or had veggies delivered there via semi truck?), and can be grown organically on the cheap.

So why wouldn’t everyone garden?

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Strawberry Freezer Jam: Kidz In The Kitchen

My dad has a huge strawberry patch and at this time of year he has TONS of berries. The kids and I went to pick some and we made jam!

I went online to find a recipe. There were lots that had twice as much sugar as they did fruit. I’m thinking that’s a little excessive so I chose a recipe that actually used honey and juice and no refined sugar at Simple Organic.

The recipe called for white grape juice but I substituted apple juice and I’m hoping for the best *fingers crossed*.

So I mushed up 4 cups of amazing ripe strawberries…

A really-bad-for-your-health-but-super-delicious sort of snack:
Cravings in the Kitchen

Babies change your life. For starters having little ones really impedes ones ability to go out for late night appies. A cheap date is not such a cheap date when you have to fork over $20-30 to a sitter on top of the date cost.

My husband and I decided that we would make a tasty treat that we could do at home. A really-bad-for-your-health-but-super-delicious

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Cravings in the Kitchen

Bath Time Fun: Been There Done That

This is the first in a new feature on KamloopsParents.Com “Been There Done That”

If you have something that you discovered while parenting that you think is genius… share it!!

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“I can’t possibly be the only one. There are 6.9 billion or so other people in the world and so I am guessing my kids are not the only ones who complain when it is bath time.

This in itself would be understandable if they really hated water, bubbles, and bath toys….. but they don’t.

Once my babes are in the tub it is all fun and games. In fact they have so much fun splashing and laughing that come the end of tub time I get an earful of “But we want to stay in the tub!!!!”

This happens every other night and is growing really incredibly sort of tiresome.

Then I got an idea…….

“Ok. It is time to get out of the bath and draw with your feet on the AQUA DOODLE!”

They were thrilled to get out of the tub so they could make footprints

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Love Day Wreath: Crafting With Kids

Normally I would shudder at the thought of cutting up a book, but I bought an outdated reference book at the TNRD library book sale specifically for crafting with. Today, we did! (Though I did clearly explain to the kids that this is the ONLY book that it is acceptable to tear pages from!)

I ripped out pages and with black Sharpies me and little miss drew

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