Tissue Paper Christmas Ornaments

Tissue paper…something that is used in abundance this time of year!  I use tissue paper to add color to my gift bags, to wrap gifts in, to line goodie boxes with for the neighbors and now for making ornaments!  When my daughter was four, she is now six; she created this incredible little craft while we were actually making other ornaments for her preschool teachers.  I have since created more ornaments as this but this year brought the idea back out for my kiddos and created a string of ornaments to hang from our windows for a new design.  This is a very easy for craft for any age, it especially helps with dexterity for the younger age group, to do and allows for lots of creativity.

This year, my daughter made bright ornaments with tissue paper while I decided to stay traditional and made green and red ones for a different effect.  I used some of these ornaments for decoration at our Sparks Holly Tea event this year and they became more popular than our actual crafts, which were very creative themselves!  These are very festive to make for teachers, friends, family, your own tree or to add to the top of a gift.


  • Ornament Balls (available at craft stores – glass or plastic)
  • Tissue Paper (available at the dollar store – sometimes found in a pack of colors already cut into small square pieces)
  • Ribbon if you’d like to hang the ornaments

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Dough Art Creations

Each year I have my kids make something, usually an ornament, for family members, their friends and teachers for Christmas.  This year we decided to make dough art creations and they had so much fun!  They have really enjoyed sharing each one with their friends and explaining how the ingredients we used are ones we could eat…of course until we added the paint.  That ended the excitement of taking a bite out of Santa!


These little creations are very simple to make and can help create a great family tradition and memory!  A really great bonus to this craft if everything it takes to make are things most people have at home!  No running out to the store!

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Crafting with Kids: Shrinky Dinks

I was very excited when I came across Shrinky Dink art as I remember doing this project as a kid.  The best part was watching the large piece I just colored shrink down to Shrinky Dinks1something the size of a quarter before my eyes!  I needed a science experiment/art project for my Sparks unit to use towards a badge they are working on and after browsing some ideas, came up with Shrinky Dink art!

Of course before I tried it on my sparks, I wanted to test it out at home and make sure I knew what I was doing!  I had my 4-1/2 year old son be my assistant and he loved it!  When dad came home that day he couldn’t wait to tell him all about the science experiment he did and has held onto those four little pieces of art he made ever since!  I used stamps I had and regular water-based ink to stamp images to Shrinky Dink paper, which I picked up at Michaels (use a coupon – 10 sheets was $9.99 unless you have a coupon, then it is less!)  We tested both permanent and regular kid markers on the material and both set of markers worked, however, the permanent markers give a bolder, brighter image.  I found some fun “80’s” colors for $4.99 for a pack of 5 at WalMart.

After you have shrunk your art, you can use it for many different things…charms for a necklace, ornaments for family and friends, bracelet charms, a pin or my favorite: pieces for a truck can haul. It’s a great project for any age to do and finding different images is easy.  I used stamps I had and plan to have the kids do a few Christmas ones for gifts or to decorate our home with.  However, you can also trace pictures onto the Shrinky Dink paper or draw your own image.

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Spooktacular Halloween Lanterns

Fall is my favorite time of year – the changing of the leaves, the crisp days and of course seeing the excitement my kids have for Halloween (a.k.a dressing up and candy!)  Unfortunately our house sits in a fairly quiet, dark street and our door is a bit off from the street under a big entrance.  At night it may seem a bit intimidating so I try to brighten our pathway up for Halloween so that there is more welcoming feel to it, especially for the wee little ones.

A few weeks ago we made these lanterns at a Spark and Brownie campout and the girls had a blast designing their own lights and I thought what a great way for me to “brighten” up our walkway for Halloween night.  My kids have had a great time making as many as we could and they are just as excited to see the glow they will give off on Halloween night (along with our jack-o-lanterns of course!)Spooktacular6

Most of the supplies should be in your household or are easy to find at either the dollar store or craft store.  The kids also enjoy it because it allows them to get a bit messy and be very creative.  You could add many different embellishments once your jar is done too – ribbon, sequins, gems, pumpkin faces or googly eyes.  We used orange tissue paper for the ones we did at home but at camp we also used black tissue paper and one could stretch the creativity and use the colors of fall:  red, yellow, brown, or green and light them nightly.


  • Mason Jar
  • White Glue
  • Tissue Paper (we used orange and black)
  • Tea Light (we used the battery operated ones)
  • Foam Brush (to paint the glue on)
  • Embellishments if you want:  Ribbon, pumpkin face, sequence, googly eyes


1. Cut the tissue paper into square and/or rectangle pieces


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