Hiking at Pine Park

Driving Time: 15min
Hiking Time: 1.5hrs
Distance Travelled: 4.5km
Stroller Friendly: yes (mostly)
Difficulty: easy

Our Sunday hike this week brought us down Tranquille Rd to the Pine Park trail behind the old sanitarium. This is a really nice, easy little walk for short legs that has many different landscapes with Tranquille Creek running alongside the trail, the hoodoos across the creek, a wetland, the sagebrush of course and the many many poplar trees.

How do you get there?

The trail head is a 15min drive from downtown off Tranquille Rd past Cinnamon Ridge then stay right on Tranquille (Red Lake turn) the road winds around behind the old sanatorium and the parking lot is on your right. If you cross a little bridge you’ve just driven past it. Turn around and come back. The gate is painted orange and has an old turn style man gate.

Are there any difficult spots?

It is a well used wide trail that is 4.5km to the reservoir and back. In

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Hikes for Toddlers in Kamloops

Anyone with a toddler at home will affirm that small children love to claim their independence. Walking with toddlers often results in a lot of in and out or up and down. Giving them a bar to reach for can be a wonderful way to give them a sense of accomplishment and sense of pride … Read more Hikes for Toddlers in Kamloops

Simply Magical Birthdays:
Birthday Party Guide

There is something peaceful and magical about face painting. Something about the transformation that takes place when a child sits patiently in a chair to be painted that is special and wonderous somehow. Maybe it’s the widening of their eyes when they look in the mirror. Maybe it’s the play that is inspired when suddenly … Read more Simply Magical Birthdays:
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Parent Friendly Music:
The Apples in Stereo

A couple months ago Elizabeth asked if there were any kid-friendly pop bands that didn’t sing about sex. My response was a resounding YES! Lots.

New Magnetic Wonder is an album by a band called The Apples, in stereo. You can give your kids a grammar lesson when you tell them. They are The Apples and the music is in stereo hence the comma. It’s more like a sentence than a band name.

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The Apples in Stereo

Family Time | Ziggy Marley
Kid friendly music and Parents too!

No Christmas music for you this month. Instead I am pulling out a reggae album that will whisk you away to the beach and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy while the cold winds blow outside. It may even inspire a geography lesson on the whereabouts of Jamaica which is where our artist hails from.

Family Time is a reggae album by Jamaican born artist Ziggy Marley, yes he is the child of Regae icon Bob Marley. Ziggy doesn’t exclusively make children’s music which is probably what makes this album so enjoyable to listen to. The lyrics and melodies are simple enough that after a few listens your kids will catch on and be sure to let you know what their favorites are.

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Kid friendly music and Parents too!