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Today’s post is “Favourite Things”

What is your favourite infant product?  baby product/  toddler product?  preschool product?  School-aged product?  What did you use and love the most?

Jennifer H
Fave infant product – Rocking chair in baby’s room – used for late-night feedings (and any time feedings actually!), reading bed-time stories, and have even dozed off in it during those sleep-deprived days and nights!
Fave baby product – Robeez shoes – the ONLY shoes that stay on!!  And they last forever!  Mine have been used on both my girls now, they’ve been in the washing machine and still look good.
Fave preschool product – Crayola markers and crayons.  Having a daugher who loves to color and do crafts at least once every day, we go through many packages of these.  Particularly love that they are fairly inexpensive, come in cool colors, and are easy to wash off hands (and walls!)

Amanda H
infant product: our baby swing by far.  I used the swing with both boys and it was a life saver.
toddler product: right now having two toddlers in the house our favorite is the ride on trucks/cars the boys ride them everyday and race.
preschool product: our run bike.  My oldest will be 3 in November and he flies around MacArthur Island on his while I job behind him with the stroller and my youngest.
School age product: (we haven’t hit this stage yet)

 I love the mesh feeder thingys!  Can’t remember what they are called!  They are awesome! Also, the woombie.  My babies loved to be swaddled and these are awesome!  They look kinda funny but work so amazing!
The best toy we’ve ever bought was the Fisher Price Little Superstar Sing Along Stage. We bought it for my daughter when she was 7 months old. She learnt to stand up with it, to dance, to sing, and to understand cause and effect. She’s now four and still plays with it sometimes…well, now she fights her little sister for it!
Infant – Soother Clip on a small stuffy
Infant product: baby wrap; car seat sleeping bag.
baby/toddler product: those Num Num (can’t remember the exact name) “cookies.” Excellent how they can be held so some feeding independence for your little one and they disolve so readily that there isn’t a risk of choking.
Preschool: spray condititioner; the standard crayons and colouring books
School age: a GOOD backpack – spend a couple more bucks and get one that is comfortable and strong.  One year Shainna went through 5 or 6 till I caught on…Liam’s lasted him 6 years!
Tamara V
Our favourite product is all of the above… a New Zealand sheep skin that was given to our oldest as a shower gift.  We travelled often in his early years (including a year of life in the Canadian Arctic) and I loved that it was more than a blanket – it served as a small portable mattress, offering a familiar feel & smell with every life change he experienced.  Six years later “Sheepy” is a shell of its former self (2 inches x 4 inches) but it is still loved & offers comfort for all of life’s transitions.

My favourite infant product was a good carrier – especially with baby #2. With K I tried the classic snuggly and had a ring sling, both of which worked, but weren’t overly comfy or supportive. With R, I got a mei tai and a fabric wrap. I only used the fabric wrap a couple of times, as we make big babes (12lbs by 4 weeks) and it wasn’t quite supportive enough for me. The mei tai however, is still in the truck, and R is now almost 3 and around 30lbs. The mei tai has allowed me to tote R around without the added stroller (leaving it free for K) or carseat. It was also great because R did not want to be anywhere but on me, and this allowed me to keep him with me while still playing with K, or getting work done around the house. I was also able to nurse R while he was in the mei tai. His first trip out in it was to the pumpkin patch at 10 days old, and his most recent was on my back at Wells Gray park this summer.

Tamara C
Favourite: infant/baby product ~ OBall – perfect for those tiny fingers just learning to grasp things (and it makes a great silent ball for the classroom once the kiddos outgrow it).  Also Bambino Land muslin swaddling blankets; they are much bigger and lighter, perfect for a snug swaddle.  And a nursing cover with boning for covering up and keeping an eye on my little one while breastfeeding in public or when company’s over.
Toddler product: books!! and Discovery Toys’ Ziptrack and Castle Marbleworks

Infant product: Hydrasense nose sucker from walmart…this one uses your mouth power not a bulb that doesn’t work. It is not found in the baby products though it’s in the saline solution aisle…which by the way all nose suckers should come with because even the bulbs work better with saline solution but who knows that until someone tells them…I use breastmilk instead of saline solution most of the time. (the hydrasense sucker does come with saline solution…they obviously had the same concerns as me).
Baby product: green bunny stuffy with a wire from hand to hand with three rings on it…I think it was playgro….it was his favorite.
Toddler product: green recorder from dollarama…seriously this was the motivator for my son to crawl and walk…he would do whatever it took to get to it…plus it’s a toy for in the car.

Jen H

The items I tend to repurchase as baby gifts are Baby Leg Warmers, that jiggly bug that attaches to a infant seat handle,  & Robeeze.  What I might say are a “must” a good snot sucker (I went through 3 before I settled on a good one) and a reliable, easy to use thermometer.


Infant/baby product:  ice cube trays with lids.  I made and froze most of our baby food.
Baby/Toddler product:  Pediped shoes.  Great for early walking, and we were lucky enough to get them in our kids’ names
Toddler/preschool/school-aged product:  Mabel’s Labels.  These are fantastic!!  They are microwave safe, and don’t come off in the washing machine or dishwasher.  These labels ensure that the kids’ clothing, lunch containers, etc all make it home every day.  And they are cute too


Favourite infant products: double electric Medela breast pump, microwave sterilizer, Dr. Brown’s bottles, bouncy chair, playpen with bassinette (used playpens for travel until age 3), stroller that fits infant seat, covers that fit over infant seat (for winter), cool mist humidifier (for colds), white noise machine
Favourite baby products: Superyard (a large portable yard…we used this when visiting and at the park/beach/everywhere), baby gates, baby gym for floor time, high chair, Little Green Machine!, Delish Raspy Rub (for colds), Boudreau’s Butt Paste
Favourite toddler products: doll stroller, books, crayons & colouring books, craft stuff, DVD player for long trips in the car, toddler beds, TrueFit carseat, travel potty seat

Favourite infant product – my big cloth wrap!

While it seemed a little daunting the first time I tried to mummify myself wrapping yards of fabric around my body, and then gently attempting to get the baby comfortable inside, but the second week, I had it down to an art.  And, I basically lived in it until my baby was too heavy for it to be comfortable – at which point, I switched to the ergo.
Biggest waste of money – fitted sheets for the change table!  Just use a receiving blanket…really!
Over the years and 7 babies later I found a swaddling/recieving blanket that is a dream come true.  I recieved an Aden+Anais blanket with my 7th baby and wished I had one 6 babies ago. The blanket is so large (47″x47″), that it makes swaddling extremely easy. What I love, is that it allows you to swaddle the baby tightly but comfortably so they don’t move around or roll over.
They are nice and light perfect for nursing under.
In my opinion there is only one absolutely essential baby product…. a sling!  I didn’t get my first one till my first baby was 4 months old, but they just make life SOOOO much easier it’s unreal!  Newborns love to cuddle.  This isn’t always easy to do and also get everything else done too.  With a sling though, if the baby needs a snuggle, no problem!  Just pop them on and continue what you were doing.  I have 4 kids and honestly have used a sling much more than any stroller.  Going up and down stairs is a pain with a stroller, but no problem with a sling.  Definitely my number one product for newborn – 2 yrs.  For yong children my favorite item would have to be the bikes and trikes with the long handle to help push them along!  These are wonderful!
My Phil and Ted stroller is hands down my most used infant/baby/toddler product! As someone who walked everywhere it was an essential part of my life.
With a couple of my fussier babies, a swing was wonderful. Best Products to have with children:The best three things to have when you have lots of littles is a triple loader washing machine, a dishwasher, and a kitchen Aid mixer to do the work for you so you have more time for your little ones. Lots of books are essential from baby on up through young adult.
My favourite infant product had to be the Chariot!! Actually that was my favourite through all the stages!! That stroller was so versatile.  Worth every penny too!
Favourite toy has to be the Motor Works from Discovery Toys.  All three of my kids love this toys!!
Ok….best (educational) toy in my opinion is the Leap Frog Word Whammer.  My oldest got it when he was 2 or 3 (seems so long ago I can barely remember).  He’s almost 9 now and it still works perfectly for my 4 and 2 year olds who are constantly playing with it.

I kind of got onto a carrier kick with my kids and I wouldn’t want to have a baby without a wrap, nor a toddler without a mei tai.  My favourite toys for my kids would have to be the Zip Track from Discovery Toys.  Zip tracks, books and cardboard boxes.  Also, glue for crafting ;).

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