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Each month, we have a maximum of ten guest post spots. If you write a post and your story is selected and published on the site in August and September, your name will be entered into the draw to win one amazing 60-minute massage with Nicola at Aina Massage Spa!
Submit your story with 1 to 5 appropriate photos and a little bit about you, to Stories should be between 350 and 1250 words.



Here are our entries and the winner from June and July!!

  1. June 5th – Sharleen  Ice Block Adventures
  2. June 6th – Melanie  Jello Cookies
  3. June 7th – Jennifer  Tails Book Review
  4. June 8th – Wendy  Puddle Jumper Review
  5. June 12th – Dawnica  Father’s Day Gifts
  6. June 13th – Erynn  Coconut Chocolate Pudding
  7. June 18th – Amber  Make Yourself a Positive Role Model
  8. June 19th – Kammi  Glitter Mask
  9. June 20th – Vanessa  Gluten-free Vegan Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins
  10. June 21st – Holly  Gardening Book Reviews
  11. July 4th – Sarah  Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake
  12. July 9th – Anatasia  DIY Tea Party Birthday
  13. July 11th – Valoree  Rainbow Birthday Cake
  14. July 16th – Sheri  Tough Mudder, Tough Mother
  15. July 18th – Michelle  Dad Ices Birthday Cakes
  16. July 18th – Tamara  Sibling Ices Birthday Cakes
  17. July 18th – Jen  Food Sensitivity Fancy Icing
  18. July 18th – Joanne Sugar Free Icing
  19. July 25th – Lori  Wacky Chocolate Cake

Our winner, drawn by, is… #18

Joanne, thanks for sending in your photo of your Watermelon Birthday Cake!   You are the winner of our 60-minute massage giveaway with Aina Massage Spa!


This summer, we also have kids sharing their experiences, stories and reviews.  We are pairing up with Tumbleweed Toys to give these kids a $10 gift certificate when their story is posted!

Give your kids a little extra incentive to write and think this summer, with www.KamloopsParents.Com and Tumbleweed Toys!!
They can earn $10 from Tumbleweed Toys for having their toy review, crafty creation, book review posted on the site, or by sharing a recipe or just writing about an awesome adventure and sending in some images.  Read more details here.

Our young writers, so far, are:

Riley – ‘Luga Whale Adventures

Hunter – The Littles book review 

Jefferey – Queen Bee Search

Another way to get involved with KamloopsParents.Com is our Kids With Cameras Scavenger Hunt!

There are going to be three different clues posted every Thursday.  Check them out and try to guess what they are and capture a photograph of it!  Then, send the pictures to  You can try one, two or all three!  The winner, chosen at the end of the summer, will be the child that has solved the most puzzles!  Their photography will be posted on in early September.