Airing More Dirty Laundry

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“I’m a person that has to finish something to the end when I start. So, I try really hard to get all the laundry done in one day. I start in the morning with the first load and don’t stop untill it’s all done. Usually it 5-7 loads. I don’t cd so doing laundry more then once a week is not needed in my household. I have to make sure that I put the dry clothes away right away so they don’t wrinkle. I do not iron, so this is a must or my husband has to iron his work shirts himself in the mornings. I hang everything! I hate folding. The only things that get folded are the socks and underwear and the towels and sheets. Usually this works really well for me. While I wait for the loads to finish I get other things done around the house and play with the girls. Makes for a busy day but the rest of the weeks is laundry free!”

“Laundry makes me crazy…it’s never ending and there are too many clothes for my kiddies…Just as I feel like I get caught up it starts all over again…I do it as we need it…I love the when my mother in law comes to visit…she gets me caught up and folds/puts away too…I thought I was the only one that had ‘laundry’ issues…but it’s refreshing to hear that all moms have this dilemma :S”

A mom to six (now seven) shares some of her laundering experience…  “Back when I was a mom of 2 children laundry was a struggle, I would let too many days go by with out throwing a load in then I would end up doing a big marathon washing to catch up. As my family grew so did my problem! I still had LOTS of laundry and never could manage to stay on top of it. Just as the last load would be done, there would already be a basket waiting for me.
Now that #7 is about to arrive I had to come up a few tips to manage this monster.
* Do kids really need at TON of clothes? I really started to limit what they wore.
*If it isn’t dirty don’t wash it.
* Have play clothes. If your kids are like mine and love to be outside have play clothes so they are not ruining the nice stuff.
* Do at least one load a day. If anything it makes a dent.
* Wash/ Dry/ fold right away it will avoid needing to iron.
* I also sort clothes by rooms, so I would do a “girls” load then a “little boys”, “big boys” this avoids me running all over the house putting things away.
*And my NUMBER 1 tip is teach your husband how to do laundry!!!! :P”

One mom of three shares her new laundry adventures…  “Can you imagine washing your family’s clothes with nothing but a Green ball? As a mother of three young children who always seems to be washing dirty clothes, I decided to make the $40.00 investment and to purchase a Smart Klean laundry ball. My very skeptical husband who was convinced that I had just wasted $40.00 decided to take a more active role in our families daily laundry routine, so he could be the first person to criticize this crazy concept of washing clothes with nothing but a green ball. Our first load with the ball was one of urine and chlorine soaked towels. To both our amazement the towels came out clean and the chlorine and urine scent was gone. Our towels did not have the strong scent of flowers or rain that are found in most well known detergents which contain petrochemicals and carcinogens. These scent addicting products can be hazardous not only to our health, but to our environment.

We have been both pleasantly surprised by this mysterious green ball which contains natural ceramic beads and magnets. I was so impressed by this ball, I instantly wanted to find out more information about it. Where can I get it? How can I share this ball with my family and friends? How can I play an active role in making other people’s homes more healthy? How can I eliminate the pollution that is happening due to detergents? My answer is one house at a time.

I have just started a 365 wash challenge here in Kamloops. If you want to participate in the fun challenge and try the ball you can contact me for more information.”

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  1. I would love to pass a ball along to you to try! |Just email me your address and I will try and get one to you next week to try through our 365 day challenge!

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