Alex the "Pig": A Tutorial

This morning I was feeling a little sorry for myself and in a bit of a 39-weeks-pregnant-messy-house-fighting-a-cold funk.  After my daughter went down for her nap, my four-year-old and I pulled out some books to read, together.  One of his choices was this:dsc_1703We’ve read it a number of times and had seen that there were instructions, in the back, on how to make your own pig!  H is in a stage where he wants to “make” everything that he sees, and “build” all kinds of diggers after reading our digger books from the library and so this fit perfectly.  I thought I’d break out of my feeling-sorry-for-myself funk by trying a little crafting with him.Here are the instructions to make your own pig (or whatever it ends up being).

1) Cut a 25 cm length of stocking, or a sleeve from an old knit sweater…whatever you have lying around.dsc_1672dsc_16732) Sew one end off with loosely stitched embroidery thread so that it can be pulled tightly and knotted.dsc_16813) Turn it inside out and stuff it with fiberfill.dsc_1682dsc_16854) Sew a button onto the knotted end.**My instructional pictures from here on out didn’t really work… all I got is my son – oops.  So, you’ll see the parts I’m describing but only in the finished product.**

5)  Again with embroidery thread, sew a mouth, then eyes.dsc_1692dsc_16956) Put a small ball of fiberfill into the body of the pig and knot some thread around it to form a foot.  Repeat four times (unless you wanted a different number of legs, go ahead).dsc_17007) Cut out two triangles to be the ears and sew them on.

8) Twist off the open end into a tail, or tightly tie thread around the opening to close it off.  We decided to make the tail into little strips so that it was kinda fuzzy.dsc_1701Voila!!Cool, eh?

Our creation is definitely not very pig-like, but my son doesn’t care. His name is Alex.  Alex, meet the world.  World, meet Alex.alex


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