All A-Board Games: Family Game Time

I love playing board games.  I have said that before, I know, but I do.  We love the connection of playing board games with my family and friends.  We get to discuss things, strategize and adventure, all from sitting around the table.  I love watching my kids learn, as we play games, as well.  Numbers, colours, letters, patterns… it’s all there!  Game-playing is an educator’s dream!

In the past, we have purchased our games from the coast, because we didn’t know anywhere local that carried the games we like.  Well, I have just discovered All A-Board Games at 343 Seymour Street!  When I called Derek to find out if he had a particular game in stock (Bohnanza, and he does), I learned some other very useful facts.

  • All A-Board Games has a calendar full of events for those that are interested in Dungeons & Dragons and Magic Games and those kinds of games (which I admit that I don’t know much about).
  • All A-Board Games rents games for you to bring home and try out.  There were lots and lots of games available to rent.  I know and love many of them and there were also lots that I haven’t yet tried!
  • All A-Board Games also allows you to come into the store and try out games, there, for free!

I was intrigued and so the other day the kids and I went in to All A-Board Games to check it out.  The kids and I needed to try out something different from the same games that we had been playing all week.  We visited with the store puppy, set our stuff up at one of the tables and then set out to find a game that we could play.  There were lots to choose from and it wasn’t hard at all to find one that would work for my little guys.  I saw a classic game that I had as a kid, “Disaster.”  The idea is that you escape from disasters that happen on the board and earn lives.  The first to earn six lives wins.  I ran through the rules and figured out how to keep it challenging for my 4 year-old son and to toddlerize it for my 2 year-old daughter (sort of different rules for each kid), then we got to playing.

 Fun fun!!  My 4 year-old really enjoyed the game.  The rules I had changed were simple and clear and he liked the idea.  My 2 year-old liked the game… so much that she actually ate one of the cards. *ahem*  I was sitting right there but she still got a good bite into it.  Whoops.  So, we played a little more, bought the (now damaged) game and headed home for lunch.  Apparently she was hungry?!

Since then, the game has become a staple in our household gaming diet.  My son and I have played it every day and we no longer play by my modified rules… we use the real ones.  It’s amazing how quickly kids can catch on to new ideas.  I feel so proud when I watch him play and learn new skills.

Derek is offering a discount of 10% off your purchase to anyone who buys a game from the store and says that they “saw it on KamloopsParents.Com.” He’s going to hold that deal for all of May!!

Do you want to know some of our family’s favourite games??  The adult games we love are Ticket To Ride, Carcassonne, Alhambra, Bohnanza, Pandemic, RoboRally, Settlers of Cataan, Pillars of the Earth, Puerto Rico… the list goes on.  My son and daughter have seen us play these games so often that they also ask to play.  I just change the rules a little bit so that they are easier and away we go!!  Ticket to Ride and Bohnanza are their favourites.  We also have Kids of Carcassonne, which is totally awesome and both my kids can play!

Want to try one of those games that I have mentioned?  Just go into All A-Board games and, if they have it (which they probably do), you can play it, for free, in the store.  I would advise, however, that if you bring a 2 year-old make sure you have snacks as it’s not free if you damage the game – whoops!  But… should I admit that I am glad she ate it?  How else would I have enjoyed the disaster-obsession my son has developed?


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  1. Great article Elizabeth! It’s been awhile since this article was published so I thought I would just mention that All A-Board Games now has a theme room for gamers called the Ice Cave!

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