Bath Time Fun: Been There Done That

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“I can’t possibly be the only one. There are 6.9 billion or so other people in the world and so I am guessing my kids are not the only ones who complain when it is bath time.

This in itself would be understandable if they really hated water, bubbles, and bath toys….. but they don’t.

Once my babes are in the tub it is all fun and games. In fact they have so much fun splashing and laughing that come the end of tub time I get an earful of “But we want to stay in the tub!!!!”

This happens every other night and is growing really incredibly sort of tiresome.

Then I got an idea…….

“Ok. It is time to get out of the bath and draw with your feet on the AQUA DOODLE!”

They were thrilled to get out of the tub so they could make footprints on the Aqua doodle mat. (Side note: for those not in the know the aqua doodle is a mat that changes colour when it gets water on it. When it dries the mat turns white again.)

We have had this mat for more than a year and My kids have been complaining about getting out of the tub forever for at least 2 years now. I’m really glad I finally put these two things together.

Perhaps I’m the only one who thinks this is an amazing discovery, but this idea totally made my night.

And made them happy too!”

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  1. Hey, that’s a fantastic idea. We have a couple of AquaDoodle products and they have been really underused. This is a good way to have peace and feel like we actually got some use out of the AquaDoodle mats!

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