Been There Done That Birthdays!


Tell me about your most favourite birthday party you had for your child (pictures are fun, too).  How old were they?  Was there a theme?  What did you do? How (or, just DO) do you make birthdays special?

Tamara V

We have only ever had at-home parties and our boys love them (but they are a lot of work). My husband and I make a pinata for each child for their birthday party each year (this has become a tradition that we will continue for years to come). We play ridiculous games and organize the kids so that everyone is included and there are no winners or losers. At my son’s 6th birthday party we had a station with paint-filled water balloons that the kids threw on a canvas. It now serves as a souvenir that hangs in my son’s room as a reminder of all the people who care about him (photo enclosed).





2 girls, age 7 and 4.

We have done a variety of birthday parties, Ruckers, River City Gymnastics, and home parties. My personal favorite would be my daughter’s 7th birthday last January. We had an outdoor ice rink in our backyard, and the weather stayed just cold enough to have her friends all over for a skating party. We all had lots of fun meeting some new parents and the kids had a blast on the ice, regardless of how many times they had skated. The extra special thing we do for our children is making the birthday cake. They have so much deciding on the theme, and we absolutely love creating something special for our kids and their friends!!

Jordan T

Girl age 2

Most favourite birthday was her first birthday party, We had a jungle theme party in the backyard with a pool (her birthday is in june) a bouncy castle and some really cool cupcakes:) (made by me) we had everyone there to celebrate. friends, family, even my parents pot bellied pig was there:) we made it special just by making sure she had a good time:) she was only one, so wont remember it, but she loved it for that day!


My kids most recent birthdays were both big hits.  My little guy turned 4 in april and we had his party at the rivercity gymnastics.  It was wonderful!  Also not having to have it at home and clean up after a bunch of kids is a good thing 🙂

My daughters 7th birthday was august and we had it at Ruckers.  Also the same idea, kids had so much fun and no clean up for mom!  Bonus!  I’ts hard to do a theme when you’re at one of these places though, I found.  I do let the kids pick the kind of cake they want and I make it.


When we first moved to Kamloops for my daughter’s 4th birthday we had a fairy garden party in Peterson Creek park. I made a Barbie cake but with a smaller prettier doll and gave her wings so it was a fairy cake. We asked the girls to come in their prettiest dresses and gave them ribbon wands when they arrived and told them to dance around like they were fairies. I had a large basket of silk flowers that I’d taken all the stems off and scattered them around the grassy area where we were. Each girl was given a basket and told to go ‘pick’ flowers they were off again and delighted in filling their baskets. Finally, of course, we painted faces so they could go home as little fairy princesses.

Ellie, two young boys age 4 and 15 months 🙂

My most favorite birthday was for my son’s fourth birthday, I tend to go ALL out for birthdays and this year was spiderman. I stayed up until 2am the night before creating a 3D replica of spiderman from the chest up, I had spiderman head cake pops, baked mini pizzas in muffin tins (super easy) and green spider punch! It was a blast; it was hot so we had a huge slip and slide ( we took vapor barrier and dish soap..voila a 4ftx26ft slip and slide!) and then finished with the kids going crazy with webbing each other with silly string. So much fun!

I make sure that everyone feels special, but a major thing I do is to make my son know it’s HIS special day; I’ve heard of others giving gifts to siblings to ensure they feel happy too, but that can create hostility and take away from one. Remember that everyone has a birthday and that is their special day to have presents and fun!


Of course his first birthday is one of the best memories.  My son’s birthday falls on Dec 30th, so it’s a tricky time for parties !  To make his birthday special, we make sure it’s separate form Christmas – not lumped in with all the festivities.  Family and friends are really the most important part of making it special.  I do also bring him a mini cake in the morning when he wakes up, because that is sooooo unlike anything we ever do.  Normally we’d never have cake at that time !   We make a big deal about the year gone by, and those ahead.  It’s a nice time to really show him how special he is to us.  In the attached photo, he ended up in the sink, of a community hall after eating his first birthday cake.  🙂



His first birthday party was our favourite. It was low key with just family. We went to Prince Charles Park because he was water crazy and we let him spend hours walking around the wading pool. Atti was blissfully happy and so were we.


Deep breath… I feel like a bad parent – I have never done a birthday party for my kids! Okay, not that bad, but I feel like I’m the minority. Our boys are turning 4 & 6 in the next two months, and these will be their first real birthday parties (that aren’t just a family dinner). Up until now, we usually had plans for parties, but things would fall through, or money would be tight (and I’m not willing to shell out $200 for a party the month before Christmas).

This year, R is turning 4, and since he doesn’t have a lot of friends who he wants at his party, we are opting for a fun night with one friend instead. R and his best buddy are going to see Finding Nemo and then go for a treat afterwards – no presents, no craziness, just a fun night with a friend. We will still do a big family dinner with cake and gifts, but I don’t see the need for a big party for a four year old! On the other hand, K is turning 6 – we didn’t do a party last year, but he has been planning for this year since he turned 5! K wants to have a rock climbing party with a few friends and have cake/presents – this I can do, it’s nice and simple and not too expensive. I would rather give the kids an experience than “just a party” 🙂

Christina, 4 girls: 5, 3 , 2  and another one born October, 2012!

The birthday that sticks out most in my mind was my eldest’s first birthday.  It had felt like a long winter, so it was a Hawaiian theme.  There were LOTS of colours and all our guests wore shorts and tees.  The food was themed Hawaiian as well, so there was lots of pineapple and coconut. In our family birthday cakes are either Brown Sugar cake, which was my husband’s favourite as a child or Mocha Souffle, which was my favourite.


Age: 30
Kids: Boy, 8, born June 2004. Boy, 2, born 2010. Baby (surprise gender) #3 on the way in the next 6 weeks or so!

Without a doubt my favourite party we ever had was also the easiest and simplest. Funny how that works!

It was two years ago for my oldest boy’s sixth birthday. We usually have a theme, but we chose not to this year, though my son chose a cake from “How to Train Your Dragon”. I made the cake, which is what I always do for my boys to make it special. They get to choose whatever kind of cake they want (within reason) and then I make it. We had moved to Sooke from Kamloops for two years at the time and so we held the party at Mr.Tubbs Ice Cream Parlor and Fun Zone, which is essentially like the Fun Factor here in Kamloops.

It was really great because we got our own party room already decorated, they fed the kids hot dogs and drinks (that I didn’t have to cook!) and then the kids all got their goody bags from playing all the arcade games. We made it fair by letting them all play and get their tickets, and then we pooled all the tickets together and gave the kids the same amount to spend each. It was a blast for everyone, really relaxed and easy to watch all the children, and I didn’t have to cook, shop, or clean my house for the party! What more can you ask for?

Melissa G (girl 4.5, girl 8mo)

My favorite birthday was my daughters third birthday. We had a princesses and pirates theme, so girls dressed up as princesses and boys were pirates. Instead to trying to fit ten toddlers and parents into our home my husband and  I chose to have it at Westsyde centennial park. My best friend and I went  earlier in the day and decorated a picnic table, a few trees and a special blanket present area. My husband came later with my daughter and she was so surprised. We had kites to fly, the playground to play in, the petting zoo animals and a special treasure hunt in the “enchanted forest” near the playground. It worked really well and the clean up was a breeze. We didn’t have to worry about keeping everyone busy because there was so much to do. On the invites I simply requested that parents bring their own lawn chairs and to dress the kids warmly for spring weather (my daughter’s birthday is in early April). I think the simplicity of it and just being able to play with all her friends in the park made the day.

Jodi (3 yr old boy and 2 yr old girl)

We have only had family birthday dinners thus far for our toddlers, with yummy food and a homemade, decorated birthday cake. Next year will likely be our initiation into larger birthday gatherings for our little ones! Here is my daughter at her first birthday:

Sarah K

Hmm, I can’t think of a favourite because we’ve had quite a few ones that I have loved.  I have 3 boys and I really try hard to make their birthday’s special.  I remember my birthday parties from when I was a kid and a few really stand out so that is what I want for my kids.  They usually pick the theme (with some input from me!) and I go from there.  We’ve done a digger party, gymnastics party, lego party, python hunter party, hockey party etc. etc!!!!  I usually have the cake as the big special thing and it usually takes me hours! lol.


Some of our best birthday parties were “backyard BBQ” style – with friends and family present, a homemade pinata, and homemade cupcakes.  I also love putting together “goody bags” with little treats that are personalized based on the ages/genders of the children.  It’s a little more work, but the Dollar Store is great for that!  We make birthday’s special by including everyone that is close to us.


My  wife takes care of the birthdays.  She does something special for all of them.  Our oldest was able to have his last party at the Rocky Mountain Rangers Armoury.  The kids got shown around and we got to have pizza/cake in the gym.  It was fun for the kids and pretty unique as it’s not something they do often.


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