BIG Little Science Centre

Today my crew, along with a couple of other families, headed out to discover the BIG Little Science Centre. Armed with 3 mothers and 8 children from 2 months to 5 years of age between us, we spent a couple of hours touring the centre. With over 140 displays, they definitely had something that appealed to the toddlers, the older children and the adults, as well!

The BIG Little Science Centre has three rooms to explore. Each room is “hands-on” and contains around 40-50 experiments or visual demonstrations of scientific interest, with something that would appeal to all ages. An adult demonstrator is available to assist with demonstrations or answer any questions.

In the first room, we got to play with mirrors and voice changers, learn about viscosity and have fun experimenting with circuits in parallel and series (my 2 year old spent quite some time with that one!)

Highlights of the second room included a skink (be very quiet around the terrarium so as not to scare him!) and a model of the human body that we took apart and successfully put back together as a team.

The third room was a toddlers’ dream – they got to play with tornado tubes, bubbles and learned how to create a vortex and simulate a tornado themselves!

The BIG Little Science Centre is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00am to 4:00pm. Check out their webpage for special events:


985 Holt Street, Kamloops


  • Seniors: $4.00
  • Adults: $6.00
  • Children 6 – 15 years old: $3:00
  • Children 5 years old or under free
  • Family: $15.00

Yearly memberships are also available.