Bird Feeders: Crafting With Kids

Winter is cold.  Well, usually…  We have had a few really chilly days and the threat has been that this will be the coldest winter in a long time (so they say).

When the thermometer shows temperatures below, we feel it and start to think about the animals.

Here are a few fun bird feeder projects that I have come across.  I am inspired to try some, soon.

Have you got a Slinky, a wire hanger and some peanuts?  Check out this incredible creation!!

This one is amazing, simple and looks like it could be lots of fun.

Pinecone bird feeders are always a classic.

Last year one of our readers shared their Bagel Bird Feeders!

The Crafty Crow has lots of other fabulous suggestions, too!

What do you say?  Let’s get out there and feed the birds!