Blind Fruit Test Experiment

Here’s a little activity I decided to do with the kids to help them learn about different tastes and textures.

I cut up some fruit (clementines, red apples, green apples, kiwi, strawberries and a lemon) and placed them on a tray.

Then I explained the experiment and put a blindfold on my 3.5 year old.

Then, we gave him one piece of fruit at a time, asking him questions such as:

“Does it taste sweet or sour?”

“Does it have little seeds?”

“Is it soft?”

“What kind of fruit is it?”

Then it was my 2.5 year old’s turn to try it out:

Astonishingly, both kids really enjoyed being blindfolded and taking part in an “experiment”. Especially when Daddy was blindfolded and my youngest got to “feed” him some fruit!