Book Review: The Biggest Pumpkin Ever

Book: The Biggest Pumpkin Ever

Author: Steve Kroll

Illustrator: Jeni Bassett

For Ages: 4-8

Where to Get it: This book is available to purchase online at Chapters and Amazon.  I found it at the downtown Kamloops Library as well.

The Biggest Pumpkin Ever is the story of Clayton, the house mouse, and Desmond, the field mouse who both discover the same pumpkin growing in the vegetable garden on the same day (but not at the same time!)  Each tends to the pumpkin, without the other one knowing, and before long it’s ENORMOUS!   Eventually they meet and discover that they’ve both helped the pumpkin to grow so large and they work together to get the pumpkin to the town pumpkin contest.

When I asked my four year-old what her favorite part of this book was, she said “I liked how they used team-work to make the pumpkin grow SO big!”  A great lesson for all kids to learn and I couldn’t have said it better myself!  Be sure to check out this great book, perfect for this time of year. is sending out a call to any parents who want to contribute their voice and knowledge to the site.  If you want to write a Book Review or contribute elsewhere on the site, Contact Us!