Cheesy Breadsticks and Dip: Kidz in the Kitchen

Have you seen Kamloops Momma?  It’s a free local magazine featuring all kinds of family-friendly articles and features.  You can download it on their website and also find it around town at lots of family-friendly locations.

If you have caught the latest edition you will see a lunch idea that my son and I worked on.  In case you missed it, here it is:

Cheesy Breadsticks and Dipping Sauce

Using an easy recipe for bread dough, we started off some bread dough with the bread machine.  If you want to make bread sticks, you can also use frozen bread dough or the Pillsbury dough that is ready to use, right away!

It’s lots of fun to measure out all the different ingredients and there are lots of steps that can use help from little hands.

Once the dough was finished we kneaded it and divided it all up into (relatively equal) little pieces (there were about 36) and then we rolled them out into “snakes”.

We put them onto a cookie sheet and covered them with granulated garlic, mozarella cheese and parmesan cheese.  Then, we baked them for about 15 minutes until they were nicely browned.

They were packed into a lunch kit with some freshly cut cucumber, and some pizza dipping sauce (pasta sauce works).

What a yummy lunch!

My kids always enjoy eating things that they get to “make” or put together.  I’m hoping this holds true in school lunches, as well.  Any pros out there want to share their lunch-packing secrets?  Just e-mail me at