Egg Carton Lilies: Crafting with Kids

We were walking around the back yard one day last week, talking with the kids about what plants had already come up and which ones were about to emerge. One of them about to emerge were my yellow lilies, here is a photograph of them in bloom from last summer:

Saturday Morn 002

So we decided that afternoon to make some ourselves! We cut up an egg carton, and painted each segment yellow:


Except for my son, who wanted to make them green:


After our “flowers” dried, we poked a hole in the bottom and pushed a green pipe cleaner through.

Next, we rolled a couple of inches of the pipe cleaner sticking out of the flower onto a pencil, then removed the pencil.


Finally, we pulled the pipe cleaners so that only the curly part is sticking out of the flowers, and then my son cut out leaves and pasted them around the stems. An easy craft to help young kids figure out how to re-create art from things they see in real life!