Experiential Learning Cycle

I’ve been taking the “Nobody’s Perfect” course, through the YMCA and Strong Start.  It’s been great to get to discuss parenting issues with other parents, hear their ideas and think about the way I do things.  I hope that all the other parents involved would agree, for themselves as well.  There was one class, however, that hit the mark particularly well with me: The Experiential Learning Cycle.

Often, when something happens with my kids, I react to what is going on.  If it happens again, I look more closely and then if it repeats itself I kind of focus on trying to figure out how to make it go away (especially with bad behaviour) or how to move on from the event.  In NP, we were introduced to the Experiential Learning Cycle, which is the process of “noticing: what?”, “relating: so what?” and “applying: now what?” when we are dealing with any experience.  It’s something that I kind of do automatically when something happens, but I don’t necessarily look at the experience very deeply.  The deep part can sometimes hurt.  It can bring up something that you might want to ignore or not acknowledge is affecting your kids.  It can be painful.  However, the point is that it is important.  It is valuable to look more deeply at our kids’ behavours, to really find out “why” they are behaving in such a way and to really examine what the things are that make them them. Sometimes, when I get into the “groove” I forget to examine things as closely.

It’s a good idea to check this out and, when something comes up, to try it out…

It’s a cycle:

1) Experience

2) Noticing: What?

3) Relating: So What?

4) Applying: Now What?

5) Experience

6) Noticing: What?

7) Relating: So What?

8 ) Applying: Now What?

9) Experience

you get the idea…


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1 thought on “Experiential Learning Cycle”

  1. I took Nobody’s Perfect class as well, and I am thinking about taking it again once baby girl is a little older, as new issues arise.

    I found the Experiential Learning Cycle very helpful. Not just for digging into her behaviour (she was only 3 months at the time so easy to figure out her “whys”), but my behaviour as well. I can look at why I am reacting the way I am.

    Thank you for the reminder, as she is older now, and we are starting to have behaviour we need to ask why.

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