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My husband and I really enjoy playing games together and with friends.  Board games.   Some of our favourites are Robo Rally, Settlers of Cataan, Pandemic, Bohnanza and Ticket to Ride.  They are a great way to spend an evening with friends, discussing life, kids and just having a good time together.  As the kids have grown up watching us play games, they have learned them, too.  We love games, and now, they do too.

We have an entire shelf devoted to games that we can play with our kids.  There are some that we love and play over and over, then others that I have been known to avoid playing (you know what I mean, right?). Labyrinth is one of the classics that I can play over and over and never tire of.  The box says 7 years and up, but my four-year-old understands the strategy and can figure out how to reach his next objective with only a few moves!  We’ve had the game since Christmas and I can’t believe the improvement that I have seen in his ability to watch what is happening on the board and decide what to do next.  Sometimes, he even shows me something that I am missing!  I love it when he says “M-om!  You just need to do this to get to the ______.  Here, let me help you.”

Labyrinth is “A family game where players move through a series of evolving, challenging mazes that are full of opportunities to think ahead, make decisions, and take action. Players must plan and execute game strategies, develop observation skills, and predict outcomes. With easier and more challenging rules, it’s a perfect game for family night!”  (info taken from the Discovery Toys website)

I actually agree with that summary 100%.  It’s totally a perfect game for family night (or any old time) and I love that it is teaching my kids to think ahead, really observe changes and make decisions!

If you want to try it out, come on over and we’ll play.  Also, if you are interested in purchasing this one for your family to enjoy, just drop a line to your Discovery Toys consultant (or if you don’t have one, I know  a couple).   As well, this is a great item to have saved in your “emergency birthday gift” stash, if you have one!!

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  1. Labyrinth is the best – I remember playing as a kid with my parents, and even K can play a little now! Settlers is great too, I just wish we had more time to play!

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