Fitting in Fitness In Kamloops: "X Doesn’t Mark the Spot"

This guest post is brougt to you by Monica Macaulay.

Monica is a wife and mother of 2 little girls. She is also a certified Group Fitness Instructor, Weight Training Instructor and Pre and Post-Natal Fitness Specialist. She contracts her services to various facilities around Kamloops but also runs her own Spring/Summer outdoor fitness program. If you have any fitness-related questions please feel free to contact her at  Monica also has a fitness community established on facebook.  You can learn more about BALANCE, here.


Did you know that muscle burns more calories than fat? If weight loss is one of your fitness goals power walking, running, swimming or spinning might not be the only answer. All of the above are excellent aerobic activities and they WILL torch calories however after a while you may find you have reached a plateau. Now is the time to shake things up. How about a plan that includes three days a week of aerobic activity and two days a week of full body resistance training. Over time you will increase your body’s lean muscle mass and in turn you will become a more efficient calorie burning machine. Additional bonuses include: giving your mind and body a rest from the same ol’ same ol’ , activating a few muscles that may have been laying dormant for a while and over time you will start seeing some full body muscle definition. It’s just another way to “work out smarter”.

“Fitness, for me, is everything.  I don’t do it because I want to be skinny or fit into a certain pair of jeans… I do it because I feel it is what my body needs.  I need for my children to see that being physically active is important so I lead by example.  They come to many of my classes and they have absorbed so many of the moves and they understand that being active is important on so many different levels.  All that being said, finding the time and staying motivated is a constant challenge.  Over time I have tried various techniques but this is the one that has stood the test of time.  I know it makes me sound a little crazy but hey?  Whatever works!”

“Having trouble staying motivated between classes?  Here is something I do to keep things front and center.  I have a calendar in my kitchen and on it I write down my weekly workouts.  When I complete something I write it on that day.  If I don’t do anything that box gets a big “X”.  That is motivation alone as I don’t want to see more than two X’s in a row.  I don’t know why but seeing too many X’s is troubling to me and its enough to get me back on track.”


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