Fun Factor Family Fun Centre:
Family Fun, Indeed!

The other night we packed up the crew, called some buddies and headed off to The Fun Factor Family Fun Centre for some summer evening fun.  When we walked in, the kids were drawn to the games right away, so we decided to start there.

We spent about an hour and a half playing games, collecting tickets and having a great time!

I couldn’t believe the time went by so quickly!There were a few games that really drew the interest and joy from the little ones and we couldn’t get enough!

Basketball was a big hit, as was Skee ball.

Of course, Dad had to check out the old school Street Fighter and had loads of fun with that.

When we picked out our prizes, the kids each got to pick a few special treats and we were pleased to see that an hour and a half of fun for five, was a reasonable price of $25!  Not something that we can do every day, but a wonderful way to explore what Kamloops has to offer and enjoy some family fun!  The prizes we got to bring home provide good reminders of “our fun night at The Fun Factor“.

By the time we had finished our tokens we were all sweating hard but decided to head in for some laser tag.  I admit that it has been about thirteen years since I got to play laser tag so I was a little eager to get in there against my six-year-old.  We had two moms, a seven-year-old, six-year-old and five-year-old!  The little guys did so well!  Fifteen minutes of smiling so hard that my cheeks hurt and trying to hide from the rest of the crew was certainly a good workout!  We laughed and laughed and I definitely want to go back and take on my husband!  I think Laser Trek would be a fabulous date night or adult birthday party!

We were so spent after Laser Trek that we didn’t even get to try out the awesome-looking Black Light Mini Golf!  Next time, though… Next time!

The Fun Factor is giving away a wonderful prize package to one lucky family!  But!  What’s it going to be?!  The winner will get to pick what they would most like to try at Fun Factor!  So, leave me a comment to get your name in to win!

1) What do you want to try out at The Fun Factor? (Black Light Mini Golf?  Laser Tag?  The Arcade Games?  Do you want to try it all?.. we will see what we can do!)  Daily entries are okay.

2) Do you like The Fun Factor Family Fun Centre on facebook?  Go, like them and then shout out on their page how stoked you are for their giveaway with KamloopsParents.Com!

3) Do you have any memories of The Fun Factor?  Let us know your favourite FF moment, if you have already been.  It will get you an extra chance to win!

This giveaway will be open until September 8th at 10pm, when the winner will be drawn by

37 thoughts on “Fun Factor Family Fun Centre:<br /> Family Fun, Indeed!”

  1. I totally want to take the boys to the black light mini golf. Oh and laser tag since I used to be the queen of it (when I worked at Lazer Maze)….

  2. My favorite Fun Factor moment was a few years back (won’t say how many) when a girlfriend of mine worked there. She got to bring all her freinds on Xmas day and we got free play 🙂 what a day…..

  3. I want to try out the Black Light Mini Golf.My daughter hasnt tried mini golf yet:) I do like them on facebook:)And I dont have any memories yet, because we are new to Kamloops and havent been to Fun Factor yet:)

  4. I have pIcs of my little man there, only once—and the greatest thing he got to do there (in his opinion) – was play with their Vacuum!!! He had a slight obsession with vacuums ‘back in the day) -he was about 2 yrs old, and it was around 2 and a half yrs ago… I am now looking very forward to taking him back there to actually enjoy all the fun & games!! LoL!!

  5. daily entry…just booke dmy son’s 6th bday party with them. Can’t wait. I haven’t been there in years. It looks so much cooler now 🙂

  6. I want to try everything at Fun Factor, since we’ve never been there! My son would think I was totally awesome if I played laser tag with him!

  7. Bernadette Mack-Harvey Me please : )
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    Lisa Bonthoux Me please
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    Peggy Knaak Oooo, me, me, me!! …please! 🙂
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