Getting Snuggly with Snug-Glee

The cloth diapering community in Kamloops is booming.  I’m thrilled to see that we, Kamloops parents, are taking steps to keep our city (and our planet) greener by significantly reducing the landfill waste of disposable diapers.  However, not everyone is interested in dealing with the dirties.  Honestly, diaper laundry is not my favourite.  But!  There is now an alternative in Kamloops.

Now, if you are interested in trying out cloth diapering but don’t want to look after the laundry… there is someone else who wants to do it for you!

Snug-Glee Bumz Diaper Service is new to Kamloops and Jason and Dawnica are committed to helping local families ease into the world of cloth diapering.

Dawnica and Jason ventured into the world of cloth diapering when their son was born.  They enjoyed their cloth diapers so much and were pleased to discover that the dirty diaper duty wasn’t so bad.  In talking about cloth diapering with friends and acquaintances, they discovered that there were a lot of people in Kamloops that wanted to try cloth diapering but didn’t want to do the laundry.  They were surprised that there wasn’t already a diapering service in Kamloops and began to make arrangements to provide another option for local families.

There were a lot of challenges to getting all the licensing and arrangements made but engineer assessments and water quality testing were all passed.  Dawnica and Jason are looking forward to building this business together and getting the chance to spend quality time with their son.

Dawnica explains a little bit more about the business:

“We offer a very convenient service in which we rent the diapers, then on a weekly basis, we pick up the dirty and drop of fresh clean diapers in their place.  We’ve noticed there is also a misconception that clients have to drop the diapers off to us but we do the pick up and drop off.  Our starter package has everything needed to start service including the diaper pail, liner and an info pack from local businesses.”

If you are interested in finding out more about cloth diapers and the cloth diapering service available in Kamloops, you can check out their website at or you can visit their page on facebook.

For a limited time, Dawnica and Jason are offering NO HST on their service and starter package, so check it out, today!