Hitting the Trails with Dirty Feet

Last Sunday, over 360 participants ran in the first North Face Dirty Feet Trail Run of the season in the Batchelor/Lac Du Bois Grasslands Park.

It was the second year in a row that our entire family has participated in the 5km event and the kids were far more engaged this year!


My husband ran with our six year old while I ran with our youngest. It was a little chilly at the start of the race for the little one, but it quickly became comfortable enough for her to shed a layer.  The rain that threatened to fall before the race never materialized and all of us racers enjoyed the calm weather and dry terrain.


My daughter ran/walked the entire way, stopping only to take off her jacket or throw a jelly bean in her mouth.  While we finished a few minutes behind the rest of the family,  she was about 14 minutes faster than last year and had big smiles for everyone at the finish line!


There are lots of great trails in the Kamloops area for running with the family and thanks to the Dirty Feet Trail Series, families can race together, too! Check out http://www.dirtyfeet.ca/ for more information on trail running and mountain biking events.  DSCN4820

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