How to Plan a Pool Party For Your Child

The weather is warming up, so it’s time to think about planning a kids pool party. The kids will have been cooped up all winter, and be ready to play with their friends in the water. Take care of some basic details, and just watch the fun as the kids enjoy time in the water.

A theme and invitations. Having a party theme is not a mandatory item, but it can help build excitement for the kids. Think of something local if possible. While a luau would be fun, if you can tie the party to things that the kid know about, it will get them more excited about the theme. The invitations – just so they are bright and engaging the kids will get a kick out of them, and kids will really enjoy getting their own invitation in the mail. Your children will know who they want to invite, so it won’t take long to make up an invitation list. Call the parents to gather addresses, and in the process, diplomatically confirm that their child can swim. Here are some resources with more party planning ideas:

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The food. It doesn’t have to be a complicated menu for a pool party. If you have a backyard grill, and someone (your husband) will volunteer to cook burgers, the kids will love that idea. You can always have your kids take a poll, but it’s pretty certain that if they don’t choose burgers, they would love to have pizza. A local delivery of pizza can make the meal easy to prepare. Make sure to have plenty, because the kids will build up an appetite playing games in the water.

The entertainment. It might be good to have some games for the kids to play. But – only pull them out if needed. Kids can make up their own games and play for hours, so they might not need suggestions. It can be quite fun to watch the group make up a game only they really understand, divide up into teams or pick the first person to be “it.” Then there will be someone who will find gaps in the rules, and the group will have to decide if that isacceptable, or if they need another rule. There’s a whole socialization aspect that happens with young ones in the pool, and they learn a lot in the process.

Provide for safety. If you’re not interested in trying to corral a group of rambunctious children for a couple of hours, or supervise overprotective parents, why not consider taking the safety issue out of the equation. It’s becoming popular to hire one of the lifeguards from the community pool to supervise the kids during the party

These young people are well trained, and have enormous authority when it comes to the children, because most likely the kids see them at the pool all summer, and are used to obeying them. The parents – including the hostess – will be a lot more relaxed with a professional in charge.

Account for the parents. Most parents will want to stick around for the party because it’s at a pool, so make sure to account for their comfort. Have a couple of tables in the shade where the parents can visit, while keeping an eye on the kids. Introduce anyone who doesn’t know other parents, and they will have a nice little party of their own.

Smile as you think of all the fun it will be, watching your kids and their friends playing in the pool. They’ll think you’re a really cool parent to have this party for them.

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