Kamloops Connexions: Get Connected

What is Kamloops Connexions, you ask?  Well, on the surface it’s a mommy group that gets together every Friday morning. We put our kids (crawlers to age of 6) in childcare.  We drink coffee, chat and eat yummy snacks.  It’s a break from everyday, chaotic life.  Connexions supports our community by making meals for moms with newborns, donating to the Coats for Kids program, helping families at Christmas through YMCA Women’s Shelter and many other causes that the members want to assist with.

That in itself, in my opinion, is pretty impressive.

However, Connexions is SO much more then that.  It’s meeting up with familiar people going through similar things.  It’s a place to decompress while having some uninterrupted adult conversation. It’s a place to have some light-hearted chatter but if you’re in need of a shoulder to cry on, there are so many to choose from.  It’s being in a group knowing that someone is or has been where you are.  It’s a place to have some well-deserved mommy time!

For me, this group has been my lifeline.  My husband and I decided to move to Kamloops to raise our family even though we had no friends or family here.  I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to make friends. I credit Connexions for introducing me to some of my closest and dearest friends.  The group has helped me find my confidence as a mom and given me the peace of mind knowing that I am not alone in my struggles. (Knowing I’m going to have a guaranteed 2 hours of adult conversation is also a big perk!!)

The diversity of women in this group is noteworthy.   There is Sara, whose daughter fights for her life everyday with type 1 juvenile diabetes, and Crystal, who juggles being a mom of one and a student at TRU. There is Jillian, who has suffered from postpartum depression with both her kids, and Christine who is trying to find the balance between being the best mom to her two kids and owning her own business.  There is Michelle who recently moved to Kamloops and is trying to meet new people, and Shannon, who is an advocate for children with Autism (her son was recently diagnosed with it).  All these women, plus more, get together every week to relax, unwind, and DO NOTHING!!  No matter what their story is or where they have come from, we have one instant bond: Motherhood.

The group meets every Friday morning at the Southwest Community Church, (700 Hugh Allan Drive in Aberdeen), from 9:30 to 11:30am. Please know that you do not need to be affiliated with the church to attend. The Church does generously help sponsor us as one of the many ways that they directly give back to the community. Your first visit is FREE, however in order to pay for the childcare and coffee, there is a small fee.  If you are coming alone or your baby is not yet crawling, the cost is $3.  If you have one child in childcare, the cost is $5; with every child after that being $1.   If you have questions, please either join our Facebook group by searching “Kamloops Connexions”.

4 thoughts on “Kamloops Connexions: Get Connected”

  1. Hi, just moved to kamloops & looking to meet some friends for my kids and myself!! Out of town next Friday but hope to attend the following!! Do you meet in the summers as well? My girls are 3 & 5, are they too old to attend?

  2. Hi there my name is Tiffany, my family and I just moved here from Edmonton. I am looking for new friends for my kids and new moms to hangout with! Would I be able to come to your group this Friday?

    Thank you!

  3. Hi Tiffany,

    I’m looking for moms to hang out with too. I have a 6 month old. How old are your kids? I don’t know if this group is still going or not.

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