Kids Book Review: If You Give a Pig a Party

Book: If you Give a Pig a Party

Author: Laura Numeroff

Illustrator: Felicia Bond

For Ages: 2-5

Where to Get it: We got this book as a gift, but I found it available to purchase online at Chapters and Amazon

My daughter just got this book at her fourth birthday party a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve read it a dozen times already!  It’s a quick read, in fact, I think it would be appropriate for “early readers” so I’ll be adding it to the list of books to read with her when she reaches that stage.  The art-work is amazing and there’s even a hide-and-seek page in the middle of the book, where you have to find Pig’s friends who are hiding on the pages.  Too cute!  This author has also written several similar themed books, such as If You Give a Pig a Pancake,  If You Give a Mouse a
and If You Give a Dog a Donut.  A Spanish edition of this book is also available.

When I first asked my four year-old what her favorite part of this book was, she immediately flipped to the hide-and-seek page.  She also said that she liked the part where Pig and her friends go on the roller coaster at the street fair. is sending out a call to any parents who want to contribute their voice and knowledge to the site.  If you want to write a Book Review or contribute elsewhere on the site, Contact Us!