Kids Can Clean: Norwex

I love teaching my kids the bit-by-bit lessons about how to look after themselves, their relationships, their things and their space.  Cleaning, however, is a big lesson.  We have taught our kids to clean up after themselves, after meals and such.  Most of the time they need reminding in order to do so, but there are moments of brilliance.  For example, at a recent birthday party my 2.5 year-old daughter was putting away her borrowed costume item and I caught her picking up every single costume that was on the ground and putting them in the bin, too.  Sweet!!  I feel like, maybe, all my nagging has paid off!

I went to a Norwex party a few months ago, picked up a few things (the laundry detergent and the kitchen scrub cloth) and tried them out at home.  I liked them so much that I signed up.  Chemical-free cleaning?  I felt good about not exposing my kids to any gross chemicals and getting a great clean on my scrub-needing surfaces.  Then, I got an antibac enviro cloth and tried it out on a few surfaces.  I was in love, it was great!  It had just the right amount of abrasiveness to really feel like I could give a good scrub and yet it wiped so well when I just gave a light swipe.  I cleaned the counters, the tables, the sink, the backsplash, the stove, the fridge, the floor…  then, I gave it to my kids with a spray bottle.  I loved that even more!  Even better, the kids loved it, too.  And, because it was just a cloth and water, I felt no qualms about showing them how to use the products and letting them fly at ‘er!  If they pulled out the ever-classic “I want to do it myself!”  All right?  Go ahead!  Seriously, my windows and mirrors had never been cleaner!

I give the kids a spray bottle of water and an enviro cloth or a window cloth and they will scrub, clean, polish and shine every surface… window, mirror, floor, table, counter… you name it.  The best part is that it has become a game, somewhat.  One of them gets the spray bottle, the other gets the cloth and they have to go around together and find the dirty spots and scrub the dirt out.

If you would like to try out a Norwex Antibac Enviro Cloth, just leave a comment, here, and one lucky reader will get to test their own Norwex Antibac Enviro Cloth (it’s a red one)!

All you have to do to win a red Norwex Antibac Enviro Cloth, is leave me a comment telling me “what is the first thing that you would use your Enviro Cloth to clean?”

If you have more questions about Norwex and their fantastic products, you can also become a fan of my facebook page and ask me your questions.  I’ll do my very best to answer them for you.

This giveaway will be open until Thursday, April 1st at 10pm Kamloops-time.  It is open to Kamloops residents only.  To enter all you have to do is leave a comment or e-mail your answer to  The draw will be done using and the winner will be posted and notified for Friday, April 2nd.

13 thoughts on “Kids Can Clean: Norwex”

  1. This really cleans with just water? That’s amazing! My kids love “washing” the walls, chairs, tables, whatever they can reach. To have a cloth that would actually get some cleaning done while they are playing would be amazing! The first thing we would clean would be our walls.

  2. Ann-Marie H’s entry (e-mailed)

    “Ummm, I guess I’d clean my living room plant shelf. Okay?
    Love, Mom
    or… my windows, or … my window ledges, or … my kitchen counter… the possibilities are endless!!!! “

  3. first -definitely the HIGH CHAIR! then the chairs and floors and toys that she covers with paints and chalks.

  4. These look great! Just last week I set my little ones up with old face cloths and water, and they proceeded to clean my entire living room, PLUS all my kitchen cabinets! It so awesome when kids are cleaning and don’t even know they’re doing housework!!

  5. I love everything Norwex! I was a skeptic but have been converted.
    If I had an envirocloth, I would use it to clean my dog-nose-printed, child-finger-printed windows!

  6. I love Norwex products and have 6 children whom I would love to have help me around the house.Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  7. Firstly I would tackle my son’s room. I would get that crib and then the change table because only God knows what is on there!

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