KP Been There Done That Squad:
Best Local Restaurants

The KP Been There Done That Squad weighs in on raising kids in Kamloops. 

Families are often trying to find a great place to eat out!  So, we consulted our team of 30+ parents to see where they eat out with their kids.

Here’s what they came up with!

What is your favourite Kamloops family restaurant?

Erin B

Hm…we don’t go out much these days…but I guess, Sanbiki is where were would go!


Red Robin


Red Robin – fun, friendly relaxed atmosphere.

Tamara C

Not really a traditional family restaurant, but we like to frequent The Art We Are. My 3.5 yr old likes to go there for the cornbread and the games/activities that he can play while waiting for our food.


Our favourite Kamloops family restaurant is White Spot.  I am not sure if it is the Pirate Packs or the fact that I can have an adult meal or that the restaurant seems very bright and friendly but it is where our family eats most often.




Right now I would say Cora’s, it changes but we don’t go out a lot these days.


My boys are 2 and 3.5 and to be honest we rarely go out with them to restaurants.  It’s hard for them to sit down for a long period of time ad be still and wait.  We have gone to places like Denny’s and East Side Mario’s to try their kids eat free promotions and the food was fine but my little monkeys made it a stressful adventure.


We really like Earl’s. It isn’t exactly a family restaurant but the food is always great, and it’s a little fancier so we feel like we’re actually getting a treat. Besides, it’s so noisy that any racket kids make is no big deal. We also like Boston Pizza.


Hmm, I’d have to say White Spot or East Side Mario’s.


We don’t have a particular favorite…don’t eat out much, sometimes order in pizza, am fond of Sweet Home Café for what she is trying to do.


We really enjoy Kelly O’Briens…the food appeals to all ages (since we have teens too) and the staff has always been extremely kind and accommodating of our little ones.


Denny’ and Ploughman’s Lunch and coffee.  Both places are comfortable for families, the food is wonderful and you always leave full (just like at home).


We eat out a lot – late work nights, tired parents, and special nights out. Because of this we have lots of favourite places in town. Our tops for family eats are Manhattan Grill, Boston Pizza, Red Robins and Montana’s. We also love the Noble Pig and Taste of India (although have never been to either with the kids).

Tamara V

We’re all about supporting small and local, but when it comes to letting spaghetti fly we like to go to East Side Marios.  Kids eat for free during the week, there are healthy options (pasta & salad) and the kids get to pick a toy from ‘the toy box’ when they leave.

Jennifer K

Montana’s. Great for kids with kid meals and coloring, and amazing with allergies (they have a specially allergy menu to tell you what allergens are in each dish and our peanut/tree nut girl has never had a reaction there). Food is good too 🙂


Cora’s! because it’s loud on weekends, So my kids can be loud too 🙂

Jennifer R

White Spot 🙂 I love the way it’s so child friendly! And no one can beat those awesome pirate ships with the chocolate gold coin!!!


East side marios! Every time I go there is always fast good service.


My kids love Red Robin.


Our kids love white spot!


Red Robins all the way!!




My kids love Earl’s. Me too!


White Spot 😀




Red robin!




Red robins


Cora’s also has a lot of fresh fruit – healthy