Little Farmers Petting Zoo

Meg Wallner is Mommy to one,  jewelry-maker, and a freelance writer from Kamloops.

My family and I just visited the Little Farmers Petting Zoo in Westsyde. My daughter, who is 16 months, had a blast! Never had she seen so many different animals that children don’t get to see on a daily basis. There were a variety of exotic birds, like Polish and Bantam chickens, along with regular barnyard chickens, ducks, emus, peacocks and pheasants. Also a sight to see, are the large turkeys, called Bronze Wild turkeys. The animals were rather friendly too, the goats and ducks come right up to the fence, hoping for a treat or two. At one point during our visit to the zoo, one of the goats was in the old car in the goat pen. It was quite comical.

Food is provided for the animals, for a small cost. There are quarter machines dispensing grains and corn for the birds and dollar machines dispensing pellets for the larger animals, like the goats, the llama and the miniature horse, named Buddy. The money that we put into the machines to feed the animals goes to help support the farm. It’s a cheap way to entertain your family, and it’s fun too. We saw a few families there, with kids of varying ages and they were all having a good time, including the parents.

Soon the farm hopes to do daycare tours again, like they once did, during which they let the little ones hold a duck. With hopes, and our support, maybe we can help the petting zoo raise the money needed to organize their place and have the tours once again. I know my daughter would love to hold a real duck.

The farm is located in Westsyde Centennial Park, at 708 Franklin Road. It houses a variety of animals. There is no fee to enter the zoo, just remember to bring quarters and loonies for the vending machines (and it’s a good idea to bring your own container to hold the food you buy, as little hands can let go pretty easily).


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  1. Is this petting zoo still around??? We would love to stop by today with our 3 children!!! They would love it! And are there horses???

  2. I just wanted to warn parents of children with allergies that there are peanuts in the bird feed at the petting zoo. We didn’t see it until we were well into feeding the birds and luckily for us nothing happened. It is a really great place & I will bring my daughter there again, but because of her peanut allergy I can’t let her feed the animals anymore.

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