Looking For Queen Bees with my Grandma:
Kamloops Kid’s Summer

Written by Jefferey Prior (age 9) 

My Grandma and I went into the electrified bee hive area. I could hear a lot of buzzing .

I put on a bee suit (special hat with a mesh screen, one piece suit) and gloves.I smoked the bees with a smoker then the bees were all calm.

I was looking for a Queen bee in each hive. I found a queen bee in every hive, and that is a good thing. I even found a Queen bee that my Grandma could not find!

After that I was looking for a bad queen bee. We were breaking the bad queen bee cells.

A bad queen bee is a bee that flies away with all the bees .I got stung once on the hand through the glove.

The second last picture is of the smoker.

This last picture is a picture of an extractor which is used to extract the honey, which tastes delicious. ”

Jefferey has earned $10 at Tumbleweed Toys, in Sahali Mall, for writing this post.  If you are interested in playing along, simply email your recipe, toy review, craft, book review or adventure story to elizabeth@kamloopsparents.com

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