Mabel’s Labels

With the school/sports/dance/skating/gymnastics/karate/playdate season firmly entrenched, it starts….

By “it” I mean keeping track of all your child(ren)’s clothing.  Coats, boots, indoor shoes, mitts, toques, dance shoes, specific sportswear, you name it!  It all looks the same and it’s all roughly the same size.  It’s so NOT easy to do, right?  Or am I alone on this one?

Last year I had two kids in school and we lost two pairs of snowpants before I discovered Mabel’s Labels.

Now this regular pink jacket has my child’s name on it, in an easy to see, washable, dryable, does-not-come-off label!

image (1)


This coat has been washed dozens of times and the label is still there, stuck very well.  I have even purchased some used items and found Mabel’s Labels on them from their previous owners.  My kids have their shoes, backpacks, coats, mitts and winter wear all clearly labeled!  There is no running of felt- markered names and no marker going through the fabric or without space to spell the whole name!

I ordered a set of labels with only our last name so all three (four, now) of my kids can use them!  It’s a wonderful solution.  You can pick the colour and design of your label and personalize them however you like; the kids can even pick!

Wouldn’t this make a terrific birthday gift for a special little person?!


My children’s school is now using Mabel’s Labels to fundraise.  If you follow the link in this post, you can help support our school because a small amount of each sale goes back to the school!

The special offer below ends on September 30th, so get your orders in today and your labels will be here before the snow flies!

Ultimate Back to School Combo Sale: One way to always know when it’s your child’s clothes!!

108 Mabel’s Labels-personalized clothing, lunch kit, etc. labels for $42 . Dishwasher safe, washer, dryer safe. Sale is valid until September 30th.