Manhattan Grill

Saturday, around noon, two hungry toddlers and a list of errands still to complete. So we stopped in at Manhattan Grill to fill them up and get them nice and sleepy for a nap on the way home.

Conveniently located just across from the Tournament Capital Centre, the family-friendly Manhattan Grill restaurant has several booster seats and high chairs available. Once seated, the kids were immediately presented with crayons and pages to color (happily accepted as we were pushing into cranky-time with the already overtired children!)

Options for kids meals included reasonably priced chicken strips, hot dog or hamburger, with a drink included. The waitress asked if we would like the kids meals out as soon as ready – to which we graciously replied “yes!” knowing full well that my 2 year old was already eyeing the napkin holder as a potential toy.

Some other highlights of the fantastic service that we received included wetnaps (a must with toddlers!) being delivered to the table without asking and re-fills without even knowing your glass was empty. My husband also noted a diaper changing facility in the men’s room, which is always a welcome bonus!

 Manhattan Grill

1021 McGill Rd  250.377.0007

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