Marshmallow Candy Necklaces:
Crafting With Kids

I saw a photo of a marshmallow necklace that someone had created and decided that my kids would love it so much, that I totally had to try my own!

So, we picked up some licorice laces and some marshmallows and pulled out our sprinkles.

We poked holes in the marshmallows and pulled the lace through the holes, getting our fingers all sticky!  (Yes, I am aware that my children are dirty and felt-tooed.  That is a whole different story.)

We continued as much as we wanted, eating and threading and eating some more.  Some of us preferred just to eat sprinkles.  Whatever…

Once the marshmallows were threaded, we dipped our fingers in a little bit of water and then dabbed the shape we wanted (aka smeared) our wet fingers onto the marshmallow surface.


When wet, we shook sprinkles onto the marshmallows…

and they stuck!

Then… they lasted about ten milliseconds as a necklace before we ate them.

What fun!

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  1. I have done this for a birthday game. Hang the necklace from a string, then the children keep their hands behind their back, and try to bite the marshmallow off. Adding to the fun!

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