Run Bikes Rock: My Strider Review

This review was written by Sarah Kier, proud Kamloops Mom to three wonderful boys.

I recently switched my older two boys from pedal bikes with training wheels to Strider Running Bikes.  I like them so much I just had to tell everyone about them!

For those who have never heard of a run bike here is a brief synopsis of the idea.  Because the bike has no pedals and no training wheels, the child learns their balance by first walking with the bike and then running or striding with it and lifting their feet up.  Once they learn their balance you can put them on a pedal bike with no training wheels and off they go!

When I first heard about run bikes (about a year and a half ago) I thought “what’s the big deal?  I learned on a bike with training wheels and I’m fine”.   And it’s true, I did learn on a bike with training wheels and yes, I eventually got them off and can ride a bike without them (I promise!) but there was no alternative when I was learning and now there is.

We gave my oldest son Logan a pedal bike with training wheels for Christmas when he was almost 2.  He took awhile to figure out how to pedal but eventually got the idea.  He is now 4 and is still not very good on his pedal bike.  He easily tips, gets stuck, needs help and taking him for a walk with his bike is more work than I thought!  His younger brother Wyatt also has a pedal bike with training wheels.  He just turned 3 and still cannot pedal to the park.  It is agonizing and frustrating!  When I heard that I could now get Strider Running Bikes here in town thanks to a new business called My Strider Bike Company I immediately jumped on the chance to switch my boys over.  Debbie and Christina deliver free to anywhere in Kamloops!  We bought a green one for Wyatt thinking that the boys could share it because you can buy an optional quick release for the seat so you can set it at different height levels and you can even buy an extended seat for taller children.  The boys loved the bike so much and were quickly doing more on the Strider than they had ever done on their pedals bikes.  The next day I called Debbie and Christina and got an orange one delivered for Logan.  You can reach them at or 250-318-0365.  The bikes come in 6 colors.

It has been a little over a week and I am amazed at how well they are doing.  Wyatt (3) loves the independence he has with it.  He doesn’t need my help!  We’ve taken the boys to the skate park and the BMX track with their bikes and they absolutely have a blast!  They go up hills and down hills and up hills and down hills!  This is by far, the best purchase I have ever made for them.  They ask to ride their bikes ALL. THE. TIME.!!!!

The biggest test for me was to take them for a walk to our nearest park.  I’ve only attempted taking them for a walk with their pedal bikes on a few occasions and I hated it!  I constantly had to stop and help them, or pick them up when they fell and with a baby in tow as well, it was a huge hassle!  With the run bikes? NO PROBLEM!  They never got stuck, never fell, never needed me to push them and best of all?  They never said “I’m too tired” or “my legs hurt”!  They love “off-roading” with their bikes and are constantly finding little hills or dips in the road to practice.

If you want to see these bikes in action yourself, check out these cool videos on youtube.
video1, video2, video3 or join My Strider Bike Company on Facebook for more information.

The local BMX club has weekly run bike races every Thursday night.  Kids can come out for FREE and enter into the run bike race and every child gets a trophy!  Registration is between 5 and 6pm and I think the first race is at 6:30pm.  But this will be changing in May to a half hour later on the registration and start times.

I hope everyone goes and checks out these awesome bikes!  If you do decide to purchase one of these bikes for your kids, we’ll be out and about in the city having fun so I hope you join us!”


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