Oatmeal Breakfast Bar

We typically have oatmeal every morning. Unless it’s the weekend, when Daddy makes omelettes or pancakes.

On weekday mornings, I prepare their bowls of oatmeal (using 2 or 3 toppings) exactly the way each of them like it. Today, I decided to allow them the option of making their own, by setting up an Oatmeal Breakfast Bar!

I put out bowls of the following:


-dried cranberries


-chopped apples

-raw almonds

-dried apricots

-canned cherries from last summer

Finally, I put out a bottle of agave nectar and a bottle of Saskatoon Berry Syrup. Then, I stood back and let them use their own tastes and imagination to happily create their very own favorite breakfast creations!

The kids LOVED this idea and had a great time preparing their own creations. The bowls can be easily set up the night before and just chop any fresh fruit just before serving. Here is my 2.5 year old’s creation:

Use whatever fresh fruit, dried fruit, seeds or nuts and create your own Oatmeal Breakfast Bar! Enjoy!

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