Overlander Ski Club

For today’s post for the Winter Activity Special, we take you on a tour of the Overlander Ski Club.

Family is about building traditions and creating memories that are lasting and meaningful. Cross Country Skiing is one of the best winter activities where the entire family can enjoy the outdoors and have excellent recreational family time; inexpensively.

Overlander Ski Club is 25 minutes South of Kamloops with over 60 km of groomed trails. We also have 10 km of Snowshoeing trails, 5 km of Dog trails and night skiing 7 days a week.

Let see what else Overlander Ski Club has to offer:


  • Our Club offers Lessons for Children (Ski League) as well as Lessons for Adults of all abilities.
  • Children enjoy family ski outings, but they also thrive on the sport through the social opportunities of club-based Jackrabbit on-snow fun and skill acquisition programs.
  • For many, racing, or simply entering recreational ski loppets and marathons also becomes a passion.


  • For everyone, but especially those introducing young children to skiing, the ability to start and end your ski at a heated clubhouse is a practical boost to making every outing a positive one. We have a large, comfortable and wood heated DAY LODGE — with water and hot beverages available.


  • Club members provide a lot of other informal support and good company.
  • You can learn so much more and enjoy yourself more by meeting and talking with other skiers at a club.
  • Overlander also offers a variety of skiing-related social events.


  • Cross country ski injuries are rare, but nonetheless, the Stake Lake staff (not to mention many skiers) are there when injuries do happen, and help is available.


  • Overlander Ski Club at Stake Lake is host to numerous events, both fun and competitive each winter.
  • These events may include:  Spoke/Overlander Ski Marathon, Ski for Light Canada (skiing for the blind), Special Olympics, BC Sprint Championships, and Midget Championships to name a few.
  • Check our event calendar.


Why cross-country ski at Stake Lake?


  •  The trail system at Stake Lake, and development that does take place such as our day lodge, is done keeping potentially negative environmental impact at a minimum.
  • Careful thought, along with consultation with the BC forest service and others, takes place to ensure that the area will remain pristine and unblemished for future generations.


  • Stake Lake is known for the quality of its trails, which is a function of their grooming as well as their design.
  • Our volunteer groomer’s take pride in their grooming work and understand the technicalities involved in issues related to grooming such as snow temperature.  They have many years experience.

Our Snow

  • The quality of snow in the BC interior is well known.
  • In particular, in the heart of our season (mid-December to mid March), snow is typically dry interior powder which makes for a great ski experience.

Join us as a member, on a day outing, or as a visitor from out of town.

We’d love to share our ski paradise with you.


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