Ridiculously Easy Pizza Birthday Cake

My son recently celebrated his 5th birthday.  When I asked him what he wanted to eat for his birthday, he replied “PIZZA!”

So what kind of birthday cake did I make for him? A super easy Pizza Birthday Cake!

How did I do it?

First I whipped up a batch of vanilla cake batter. I no longer have any cake pans in my possession, so I used two cast iron pans. I placed them in the oven to heat up, then took them out and poured the batter in. The best part of using the cast iron pans? It produced cakes with a “deep dish look” for the pizza.

Next, I took a tub of icing and used red and brown food colouring paste to tint it a “pizza sauce” colour. Lots of trial and error but I finally managed to get it just right.

Then, I slathered the icing on top of one of the pizzas:


Next, I placed candies that resemble pepperoni (twisted red licorice), green peppers (sour dinosaurs) and olives (dark coloured jelly beans) on top. The final step was grating white chocolate as the “cheese”:

IMGP6868Very easy and the kids were surprised when they finally saw it.