Tuesday Tutorial: Punch Easter Pals

This post is by Dawnica Flatt; Mommy to one, Early Childhood Educator and Stampin’ Up Demonstrator

This week, I again use punches because they are just so versatile, easy to use and great to use various shapes with children.  It’s great to encourage children to be creative. I’ve used many of Stampin’Up!’s great punches to make some really cute pals that you too can make because they use pretty common shapes. (Fig 1) shows many the punches that I used. Paper needed is Pink, White , purple and black.  For additional ideas that are provided, I used yellow, black, white and orange.


The little rabbit is easy to make with our punches.  Here’s what’s needed – all are white except where indicated!

2 Scallop ovals for ears.

2 Large Ovals out of pink for inside of ears.

1 Large Heart for head.

1 Circle (1 ¾”)  for main body

4 Circles (½”) 2 for cheeks, 2 for paws.

2 Circles (¼”) – out of black (this is a regular hole punch).

Small Flower – Boho Blossom Punch used here for tail.

Small Heart – out of pink. Heart to Heart Punch used here for nose.

1. After you have punched all that you need, start laying out the main part of the bunny. (Fig 2) Before assembling with glue, sponge a bit of pink on the edges of each white peice.


2. Next put the remaining details on the bunny.  First add the checks, then nose, ears and ‘tuck’ the tail behind the body.  For paws, cut 1/3 off the end.  Sponge as well and then add the black detail lines and the whiskers. (Fig 3)

Just like that, it’s that simple!



Here’s an easy to make basket to be used for all those great easter goodies!


1. First take a square peice of paper.  Here a 6×6 is used.  Score/fold in thirds, then rotate 90 degrees and score again in thirds.  Here it is at 2” & 4”.(Fig 4)


2. Next fold on all score lines and cut where indicated in white. (Fig 5).  

Cut strip 8 ½” x ¾”. (Fig 6)


3. Next fold the right and left squares over the middle square creating a small triangle at bottom.  Then punch holes though all layers and attach handle using a brad. (Fig 7)

Do the same on other side but just glue them together.  Attach bunny to this side.  There you have a cute little bunny and basket!!! (Fig 8)



I’ve also included pictures of several other pals I created using our many punches and dies.  The big chick I saw online and just had to make it.   These pals are great to use on cards, put on paper bags or use on candy for a little lunchbox treat!!   If you would like info on any of the materials used here, please contact me or visit my website.  (Fig 9)


I would also love to get some feedback on the ideas I have provided so far (1) and(2) and types of ideas you would like to see so ANYONE WHO COMMENTS WILL BE ENTERED INTO A DRAW FOR A FREE STAMP CLASS!!!!! I have several classes coming up so check out my website for more details and info about my FREE Open Stamp nights!!


Happy punching and Hoppy Easter!


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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tutorial: Punch Easter Pals”

  1. The Chore Chart is a great idea and I’ll be making one when Elliot gets a bit older. And I LOVE the little Easter bunny…I might just have to come over tomorrow night and make one (or 5) 🙂

  2. I love the ideas you have posted. The instructions make things sound so simple yet they look fabulous! I really like the chore chart. My kids don’t have official chores yet but having a chart and stickers would make things like cleaning up toys, and putting jammies a lot more fun and motivating! The bunnies are super cute. I think the punches would be a bit tricky for my 2 1/2 year olds but my 4 1/2 year old niece would love to do something like this. And they would make adorable gift tags or cards for me to make!

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