Quesadillas: Kidz in the Kitchen

My kids love quesadillas.  We also make them when we are camping as they are nice and easy to prepare and don’t take a lot of ingredients.  We make them with just cheese and we make them with extras (avocado, chicken, etc…)  Need a great and reliable quick and simple lunch or even a snack?

You’ll need four tortillas, cream cheese and grated cheese.  If you want to add other ingredients, you can grab that as well.

1) Spread a flour tortilla with cream cheese (this is the delicious secret).

2) Put it on med-high heat in a frying pan and cover with grated cheese and top with another tortilla.

3) Cook until golden on both side, or just until your cheese is melted.

4) Cut it up and serve with salsa and sour cream!

We had these for lunch today… but I forgot to take pictures.  It’s a good one as the kids can spread the cream cheese or grate the topping cheese to help out!

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