Real life mother and daughter star in puppet show about Alzheimer’s

Little Onion Puppet Co. is proud to present Dorothy: a mother  daughter memoir project for a limited run in Kamloops, Mar 8-10th.

From November ‘95 to January ‘96, sisters Susan and Nancy took care of their mother Dorothy, who was in the later stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Unable to speak frankly about the disease
in front of their mother, they kept a journal, meticulously  documenting every day. Now, 20 years later, Susan and her daughter Randi are using the very same journal as inspiration for a new
puppet show.

Little Onion Puppet Co. has teamed up with the Kamloops branch of the Alzheimer Society, where Susan has been a long-time support group facilitator, to bring seniors and their caregivers into the creation process. Through story-sharing circles, feedback sessions, and puppetry workshops, seniors and caregivers have been a large part of the development of the show.

Kamloops-raised Randi Edmundson has been performing across the province as a puppeteer for the last 8 years. Her show for young audiences, Freddie in the Neighbourhood, was created with the help of Grade 3 students in Vancouver and was recently presented by Western Canada Theatre. Susan Dixon has spent the last 20 years volunteering for the Alzheimer’s Society of BC and works locally as a costume designer. Director Melissa Purcha, a local Kamloops favourite, is best known for her work as Artistic Director of Project X Theatre.

Venue: The Stage House Theatre,
422 Tranquille Rd.
Dates: Mar 8th, 7pm
Mar 9th, 2pm and 7pm
Mar 10th, 2pm
Adults: $22
Senior/Student/Low-Income: $18
Tickets available at


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