Red Robin Gingerbread Decorating Contest

When the kids are itching for food and we are far from ready to feed them, sometimes we just need a dinner out.

Red Robin is close to where we live and is often a go-to for our family of five.  The kids always enjoy the kid’s menu and the parents enjoy that we can get a delicious burger at a reasonable price and with fabulous service.  The kids love their helium balloons and are happy to colour their menu and solve the puzzles.  There are usually three special crayons left behind in my purse, helpful on many occasions.


Today, we are excited to present a contest with and the prize from Red Robin!

We would love to have a gingerbread creation decorating contest!  If you have already created your gingerbread masterpiece or are planning on doing so, please email us the photo (to, or you can share it on our facebook page, to enter your crew into the draw for $20 from Red Robin.

Please enter by Sunday, December 22nd (8pm), at which time we will create a post and a facebook album from all submitted photos and open it for votes.

Thanks and Good luck!