Review of Teddy Bear Picnic and Parent Child Mother Goose® Celebration

On Thursday, June 20th, over 300 people attended the Teddy Bear Picnic and Parent Child Mother Goose® Celebration at Prince Charles Park. Organized by Kamloops Early Language and Literacy Initiative, the CCRR, TNRD Library with guests from Enchanted Tea Cup, Drummer Dave and guitarist Vicki McKee, this annual event included lots of activities for young children, starting with a little bit of bubble blowing!

Once the excitement over bubbles had abated (but luckily no spillage, for once!) it was off to the next activity.  Tables were neatly set up under a tent containing every craft item imaginable for the kids to make their own puppets.

Next was an in-depth conversation with a couple of magical fairies (Vidia and Tink!) who had stopped by to meet and greet the children.

Then, it was time for an excited little boy to meet Mother Goose, herself.

With stories, crafts, singing and parachute games, a great time was had by all and luckily the weather held out for the annual celebration. A big thanks to all involved who organized such a great event. See you next year!

Don’t forget to check out the Mother Goose® Program at the Brock Pool, July 9th-30th, 2013. Registration is required, for more information, check out this post: Mother Goose® Program