Set Your Personal Wellness Goals

Today we feature a contest to win a free session with Fit By Design.

Right now is the perfect time to get started towards reaching your personal health & wellness goals. Are you ready to make changes in order to feel better, sleep better & look better? Why wait?

To enter the contest, simply follow the link and enter your very own goals on that page in order to be entered to win a free session: Fit By Design Contest

Time to set your goals! 

Use the following simple worksheet to get you started:

SMART Goal-Setting Worksheet

Step 1: Write down your goal in as few words as possible.
My goal is to: __________________________________________________________
Step 2: Make your goal detailed and SPECIFIC. Answer who/what/where/how/when.

HOW will you reach this goal? List at least 3 action steps you’ll take (be specific):
1. ____________________________________________________________________
2. ____________________________________________________________________
3. ____________________________________________________________________

Step 3: Make your goal is MEASURABLE. Add details, measurements and tracking details.
I will measure/track my goal by using the following numbers or methods:
I will know I’ve reached my goal when

Step 4: Make your goal ATTAINABLE. What additional resources do you need for success?
Items I need to achieve this goal: ____________________________________________
How I’ll find the time: _____________________________________________________
Things I need to learn more about: ___________________________________________
People I can talk to for support: _____________________________________________

Step 5: Make your goal RELEVANT. List why you want to reach this goal:

Step 6: Make your goal TIMELY. Put a deadline on your goal and set some benchmarks.
I will reach my goal by (date): ___/___/____.