Spark Story Starters: DRAW!

My kids love to be creative.  They are crazy, on many occasions, with their creativity.  And, to be honest, sometimes they are just plain crazy. The other day was a sick day; I had them all home from school to try and contain the bug.  The kids were getting riled up and the energy was palpable. I went to my craft cabinet and pulled out a great project for a rainy (or sick or any old) day: Spark Your Imagination DRAW sheets.  They can be used for quiet time, family time, inside time and then made into paper airplanes, hats and boats!


One question, draw your answer. 2013-10-04 12.40.34

If you could have a tunnel from your house go to any part of the world, where would it lead?

Of course, initially, there were bombs from my 8 year-old, princesses from my 6 year-old and tigers from my 4 year-old.  The discussions were great and when they put themselves down to draw, I was blown away by my 8 year-old’s drawing of Paris, France. 2013-10-04 13.18.16   Why yes, I DO wish that I had a tunnel from my house leading directly to the Eiffel Tower!  Because, I’m pretty sure that might be the only way that I will get there.

If you would like to purchase some of these terrific DRAW sheets, they are now on BLOW OUT SALE to help Tamara clear space for guests over the holidays.  Now selling at 20 sheets for $5, you are saving 85%!!   You can also get 100 sheets for $20. What a fabulous stocking stuffer, goal sheet or craft paper.  The DRAW sheets are heavier paper so they can hold glue and paint and make great paper airplanes, boats or hats.

If you would like to purchase some DRAW sheets at these amazing prices, contact Tamara at 250.320.2527 to arrange pick up in Upper Sahali.
If you think this is a great idea for a birthday party loot bag, Tamara also has plastic tube bags that hold 2 sheets perfectly. This means that you can purchase 10 special DRAW loot bags for $6.  A terrific party favour, for sure! 

Check out Spark Your Imagination and their story starters!   You can pick up these terrific cards at our local toy store (Tumbleweed Toys), or you can buy the app.   These are a terrific and unique birthday gift, supporting a local business.


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