The Little Things Are (and get) Big

Tracy Ziebart-Cook is a workin’ Kamloops Mom to Dylan, shown below.  Tracy will be a contributor to  Welcome aboard, Tracy!!

I just recently returned from a trip to visit my son’s grandparents in Alberta.  It was supposed to be a week trip, but it turned into a three week trip because my son came down with a nasty bug and we decided it was better for me and my lil muffin to stay put instead of making the 9+ hour drive with a sick toddler.

Instead of enjoying the sights, visiting with friends, and having fun, we spent a good two weeks cooped up in the house.

Once we returned home, I began to download the photo’s I’d taken while we were on our “trip”, if you can call it that.  I now refer to it as the “cooped up in the house holiday.”   As I was choosing a file name for my photos, up on my screen popped the dialog box- <bing bong> 642 photos.  Seriously?  During the “cooped up in the house trip” I took that many photos?  Wow.  As I scrolled through them, I noticed, but was not surprised at the re-occurring theme.  The theme stood about 2 1/2 feet tall, weighed about 25 lbs, and had the cutest little toddler  face I’ve ever seen.  Yup, there was my 19 month old son in almost every single photo.

Now, I’m not a professional photographer, but I absolutely LOVE to document my son’s growth, development, significant, and seemingly insignificant moments.  He’s 19 months and I’m averaging 700 photos a month.  Yup, I’m a first time mom, and I’m so in love with my boy.

I’ve come to learn that the photos are like a road map to me of his development.  Sometimes I look back on the photos and am amazed.  Sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh, and most times I’m just really really thankful for my little man.  Some of our photos are up on the walls, some are kept in one of many volumes of photo albums titled “Dylan- Book 12” and some are just hanging around the house.  There are many ways to document your child’s life.  For some people the memories live in their heads, their journals, their photo books, their scrap books, their albums, their boxes, or their cupboard drawer.  For me, I’m going to keep snapping whatever he does that inspires me to snap.  How do you capture the precious memories of your child?

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