Visit to the Corn Maze at Tranquille Farm Fresh

Our little family headed out on a corn-maze adventure recently at Tranquille Farm Fresh. Designed by land surveyors Underhill & Underhill, this corn maze is an intricate puzzle consisting of letters, numbers and objects such as old survey equipment.

Maps are provided, so my 3 year old decided to try and decipher it herself and show us the way to go:


This resulted in a couple of very excited pre-schoolers leading us through the maze for almost a half an hour. After awhile, my husband and I started recognizing corn stalks and dead ends, but we let them have this special time “leading” us.


We only managed to get a couple of “letters” into the maze before the kids excitedly found their way out. However, they didn’t realize that there was an entire section deep in the middle of the maze that we hadn’t yet explored, which apparently contained some really neat stuff. We collectively decided to take a second chance  at it and enter the maze (with the intent of making it all the way to the other end!) This time, with the youngest on Daddy’s shoulders.


The surrounding hills are visible at some parts of the maze (if you’re tall enough!) but it’s really the old buildings at Tranquille that provide a unique backdrop to the maze. We finally made it deep into the maze, and the children were treated to scarecrows. This was particularly exciting for them, as they had just finished building their very own scarecrows the day before.


We can’t forget the ultimate proof that we navigated through the entire corn maze:


This challenging corn maze (open Saturdays from 9-4pm and Sundays 10-4 pm) is a fun way to spend some quality time with your family, and is appropriate for all ages. Not only that, but I also scored a couple of pints of tomatillos from their market, which have since been made into a delicious salsa verde!

Tranquille Farm Fresh is located at 4600 Tranquille Road.

0-5 years = FREE

6-12 years = $6

12- adult = $8

seniors = $6

Family (2 kids + 2 adults) = $20

Don’t forget to check out the following exciting events being planned for the month of October at Tranquille Farm Fresh:

Thanksgiving Monday (October 14): Before that big turkey dinner, navigate through the corn maze. Open 10-4 pm!

Corn Maze Extravaganza (October 25, 26, 27th): Corn maze in the DARK! Lots of fun, with actors, spooky sounds and more! 5:30 pm- 10:00 pm.