A Perfect Un-Birth-Tea Party: Wild About Party Packs Review

I’m a detail girl.  I like all the little finishing touches, all the little extras.  It sometimes can cause added stress, I will admit it.  I like having things “just right”.  I’m sure that some of you are like that, too.  I like planning birthday parties for my kids and enjoy the little things that get put together.  However, I find that after the party is over I am simply exhausted.  A few weeks ago, I was given a sample party pack to review, from Wild About Party Packs and was very excited when I got it.  It was like a treasure chest – a treasure chest of little details!  The kids were climbing over my shoulders trying to peek inside, as though they knew there was something in it for them.  We don’t have any birthdays coming up in our family until June, so we decided to use a regular-any-old day and plan an Un-Birth-Tea Party!

So, we did.  The kids and I pulled out the items from the Party Pack and oohed and aaahhed over them.

Cutlery, napkins, matching and themed balloons, table cloth, streamers,  party ideas,  cups, plates, napkins, banner… wow!  It was like opening a birthday gift for me, just looking inside the box!  As well, the ladies at Wild About Party Packs prepare loot bags for each guest.  I was sent a sample loot bag for a boy and one for a girl.  My kids were stoked to try them out.

Seeing as I was merely having an un-birthday party with my two little ones, I decided not to use the cutlery, plates and cups, but instead to give them away to one lucky reader to use.  I pulled out one of our tea sets and followed some of the suggestions provided by the Wild About Party Packs crew.  We had little snacks, fruit, yogurt and star-shaped cucumbers, as well as real tea!! The kids pulled out the loot bags and put their samples to good use.

How cute is that??  The kids are still wearing (well, not this very second, but when they play dress-up) the costume pieces and the candy necklaces (once sampled at our Un-Birth-Tea Party, of course) were the perfect incentive to help my kids clean up their toys on a particularly rough day (*ahem* did I say that?).  What loot!

The kids had a delightful time dressing up and tea-partying.  The loot bags are a lasting element to our costume trunk and I am thrilled with the suggestions of food, decoration and games that came with the pack.  Party planning made easy!

The ladies at Wild About Party Packs generously gave me the Birth-Tea Party Pack to look over and I still have some fantastic elements of it that I didn’t use.  The cutlery, cups, plates, napkins, banner, streamers, ballons and other elements are there to be used by one lucky KamloopsParents reader.

10 thoughts on “A Perfect Un-Birth-Tea Party: Wild About Party Packs Review”

  1. Knights of the Round Table! I think I would appreciate it more than El at this age, but it looks awesome!

  2. Wow, those are awesome! My boys would LOVE the “Let’s Dig” party pack or the “backyard explorer”.

  3. These look great. I love the Blooming Garden party pack, but my girls would probably like the flutterby fairies or the royal highness.

  4. Ok in a house full of boys not only they would love but I would LOVE the Gross Out Party Pack….oh wow I can see it now!

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