Winter Outings: Been There Done That

The Been There Done That Squad recently answered their favourite winter outings.  There are lots of good ideas in here!!


Well I’d like to say that going sledding is the favourite activity and it probably is, except for the fact that no matter how many layers I put on, I am always freezing.  But the kids have a blast and the smiles on their faces and the deep laughter  you can hear as they zoom down the hill is worth it so I will take one for the team! Too bad there’s not much for snow this year!


Our favorite winter activity these days is at Paul Lake Provincial Park!  We park at the top gate, and bring our sled (usually snow up there!) and our little guy sleds down to the lake.  We like to have a picnic down at the lake. He is pretty good about hiking back up, with a little bit of pulling on the sled from Dad.


This year we took the boys to Harper Mountain for some tubing, and it was a hit with K! He is now old enough that he can do the whole “loop” himself. We all went together a few times, with someone helping R, but K was really independent and loved it. He has been asking when we can go back. Another winter outing that I want to get back to is cross-country skiing. We haven’t been yet with the boys, but I started when I was only 4, so I figure now would be a great time to start them. And financially, it’s so much cheaper than downhill! With Stake Lake so close, and nearby schools we can venture to, it’s an easy outing – of course, some snow would help!!


My kids (6, 4 and 2) are just old enough to really start enjoying sledding.  They used to dislike snow in their faces and dislike the speed but now they are enjoying the thrill.  We went tubing for the first time, this year, and they loved it!!  Our absolutely favourite, though…  building colourful ice and snow forts!  We spray coloured water and freeze coloured water balloons.  It’s a special memory we share with our kids.  This year… where’s the snow??!!


An afternoon of feeding chickadees, skating, and a snowball fight with Grandpa.


We aren’t big winter people in our family. We make sure to visit wildlights, and once or twice we will go ice fishing and have a fire and roast hot dogs.


Skating outdoors. We love to skate. Unfortunately the weather hasn’t really been conducive to this activity lately and we’ve had to travel farther than normal to get the altitude and temps we need to find ice that is safe enough to skate on.


It’s old school but we love to toboggan and make snow men at our house.  You just can’t get much better than that.  There is no expensive equipment required,  no special skills needed, and everyone is able to participate equally.  Plus, how much better can hot chocolate, popcorn, and movie get than when enjoyed after a day in the snow?


None at the moment !  Guess this year we`ll have to find some fun toddler friendly outdoor things to do !

Tamara C

Our favourite winter family outing is tubing at Harper Mountain (still need to do that this year).

Sarah K

Sadly we don’t do much adventuring in the winter. I’d like to improve that this year.  I’m in need of some ideas so I will be reading this post to see what the rest of the BTDT squad does for fun in the winter!  We do a bit of sledding but nothing too exciting!


Our favorite winter outing is wildlights by far!  This year we are also hoping to make it up to Harper Mountain to do some tubing, and we always love sledding.


Sledding of course. Luckily our yard has a hill, but we often drive up to one of the schools that has a sledding hill – Pacific Way Elementary is good.


Our most recent and possibly favourite family winter outing is going on a sleigh ride.  It is great to incorporate history with the children, and they love it!


We always try to take in “Wild Lights” at the BC Wildlife Park over the Christmas holidays.  We live near Albert McGowan park, so we also try and do some sledding (although, a little trickier this year with NO SNOW!)


This winter has been EXTRA fun! Six months ago our family moved East of Kamloops to a lake so the fun is year round and right out the back door. Daily there has been sledding, ice skating on the lake, bon fires in the snow with hot chocolate, and just this past boxing day the kids went skidooing on the lake. All this out door fun has made for some really easy bedtime routines. 😉

With my younger set we spent some time building snowmen and painting them with a little bit of food coloring in a spray bottle.


Cross-country skiing as a family.  Rya loves getting pulled in the chariot – and running around in the snow after our ski.


We got a real wood toboggan for Christmas and love heading out in the snow to play! Now, we just need more snow in town!


As of yesterday afternoon I probably would have said tubing, but last night we went to the Caravan Farm Theatre’s production of Gift Horse and it was fantastic! Not just the play but the whole experience.  A giant bonfire greets you as you arrive to warm you from the outside and you can purchase hot chocolate, mulled wine, or cider to warm you from within.  A horse drawn wagon or sleigh (depending on the snow) takes you from scene to scene and sometimes the actors accompany you on your wagon to the next scene! The whole evening was a terrific experience and even the youngest child (3 years 9 mo’s) was totally enthralled the whole time.


I’m not a winter person at all! But I love drinking hot chocolate and watching it snow. If starts snowing at night i have been known to wake the boys up and sit with and watch it snow.


I don’t think we have one yet, but I’m looking forward to dscovering some!


This year, the favourite winter family outing was the Harper Mountain Tube Park. Our 5 year old had an absolute blast, and really showed independence as he continually went on his own. Great time, with great people.


Our favorite winter outing is sledding and it’s fun to go out ice fishing a few times a year as well.


Looking at lights…anywhere


Snow tubing at Harper Mountain

Tamara V

We love skating on local ponds.  At this very moment McGowan Park, Edith Lake & Inx Lake are all shovelled & prime condition!  We love bringing headlamps & and thermos of hot chocolate and going before bed time.


We really enjoyed our annual trip to the BC Wildlights! Especially when our daughter went up on stage with Uncle Chris the Clown to be a helper. We went on a Monday night and were really pleased at how relaxed the atmosphere was. The group of friends we went with especially enjoyed the laser light show.


Our favourite winter activity so far at least is letting me little one explore. Last year she was only 7 months old so this year is her first real winter and she’s very unsure of snow haha.

What’s your favourite winter activity??


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