Project X-Fest: You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

I’ve never really had much “alone” time with my youngest child. Especially since she came only 15 months after her older brother. In
her first year, she could be found continuously strapped to me or in a playpen, safe from her then rambunctious toddler brother. None of the relaxing, peaceful, joyous time that I spent with her brother while he was a newborn. I never felt guilt over it, as it was the only thing she knew at the time.

Now that they are older, I love spending time with each of them alone.  Just the two of us.

Last week, I took my son to see The Fantastic Mr Fox and the next evening, I took my daughter to her first play. We saw You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown at X Fest 2013 (the outdoor theatre festival happening from July 24th-August 10th at Prince Charles Park). Even though she is only of pre-school age, and probably didn’t understand most of what was being said, her love of music (both kids get it honestly from both parents!) kept her captivated most of the time. Her first words as the band was tuning up just prior to the performance were “Mummy, there’s a drum set up there!” followed by “and there’s a pinano (piano)!”

Then the actors took to the stage with song. She stared. She smiled. She was fixated this way throughout most of the first Act. I think she was mesmerized as this was something completely different that she was witnessing for the very first time. People, real people, not cartoons and not on a screen were singing, jumping and dancing in front of her. Why, it looked absolutely, positively fun!

This play brought back many memories for me.

As I grew older and busier, I had forgotten about Charlie Brown and the other characters that I used to read about in the comic strip section of the Montreal Gazette and the role that they played in marking most holidays for me. Halloween wouldn’t have been the same without “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” while “A Charlie Brown Christmas” would have brought tears to my eyes. Seeing this play reminded me of snippets of my childhood. Something that I am grateful for, as being a busy parent you often forget that you were once a child, yourself!

Some of my favorite parts includes the scenes with Lucy and Schroeder at the piano as well as the dancing routine Snoopy performed in “Suppertime”. Literally, if I could, I would have asked the actor playing Snoopy to do it all over again. I enjoyed his portrayal of Snoopy that much!

Did my daughter enjoy it? She sure did! We managed to stay until the very end, and she was still awake when we got home.

I’m really excited as I got a glimpse of what my two pre-schoolers are capable of sitting through and the Western Canada Theatre has a couple of family-friendly shows lined up for the fall!

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