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Good Form: The Kamloops Disc Golf Experience

“Frisbee?”  Nope.  This is different.  The designs might be just as interesting as you might see on a frisbee, but these are discs.  Golfing discs, to be precise (and I’m probably not, it’s been a while).  A good golfer carries a bunch of clubs and wields them well.  A good disc golfer does the same, only he doesn’t get a cart, nor a rolling bag. They are carried.  And some of ’em are heavy!

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Puzzles, Costumes and Games, Oh My! The Kamloops Children’s Museum

July 10th marked the grand opening for the Kamloops Museum & Archives’ Children’s Museum.  After much planning the bottom floor of the museum is now kid-friendly and featuring a number of hands-on displays, as well as lots of great educational opportunities for young children.

My kids and I took my Mom along to check it out, just last week.  It was a nice and cool place to spend a hot summer morning!  We really liked it.  As I was tucking my son into bed he asked, “Mom, can we go to the Children’s Museum again, tomorrow?”

The kids loved the big prehistoric water table with all kinds of real heritage secrets hidden within it.

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Kamloops Momma Magazine

Kamloops Momma Magazine is a new, free, publication connecting local families to each other and to our community. We provide information about regional events, resources and businesses, as well as articles intended to inspire, enlighten, and empower parents and caregivers.

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All A-Board Games: Family Game Time

I love playing board games.  I have said that before, I know, but I do.  We love the connection of playing board games with my family and friends.  We get to discuss things, strategize and adventure, all from sitting around the table.  I love watching my kids learn, as we play games, as well.  Numbers, colours, letters, patterns… it’s all there!  Game-playing is an educator’s dream!

In the past, we have purchased our games from the coast, because we didn’t know anywhere local that carried the games we like.  Well, I have just discovered All A-Board Games at 343 Seymour Street!  When I called Derek to find out if he had a particular game in stock (Bohnanza, and he does), I learned some other very useful facts.


Little Farmers Petting Zoo

Meg Wallner is Mommy to one,  jewelry-maker, and a freelance writer from Kamloops.

My family and I just visited the Little Farmers Petting Zoo in Westsyde. My daughter, who is 16 months, had a blast! Never had she seen so many different animals that children don’t get to see on a daily basis. There were a variety of exotic birds, like Polish and Bantam chickens, along with regular barnyard chickens, ducks, emus, peacocks and pheasants. Also a sight to see, are the large turkeys, called Bronze Wild turkeys. The animals were rather friendly too, the goats and ducks come right up to the fence, hoping for a treat or two. At one point during our visit to the zoo, one of the goats was in the old car in the goat pen. It was quite comical.

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